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Silent Sermons

Shy would not be a word that describes me. I have always loved to talk and interact. I have learned to embrace and be thankful for how God has created me and uses me to fulfill His created purpose for me. I love words and in the Back 9 have enjoyed learning new words and […]

Hard and Right

Have you ever felt that you prayed about something and you made a choice that you knew was the choice God was telling you to make and all of the sudden after you made the choice you found yourself in a hard, painful, frightening situation? I have, especially as I have made the turn to […]

Just a Vapor

I don’t think anyone who is relatively healthy wakes up any given morning thinking today is my last day on earth? I know I don’t. From an early age, my mother woke me up singing, “This is the day the Lord hath made I will rejoice and be glad in it!” This little gesture that […]


Believing without seeing! It is very hard to believe things that seem far-fetched unless you see them with your own eyes. My dad, who is 87 years old, sometimes has a very hard time believing or comprehending things I tell him about modern day technology,. Take, for instance, “Uber”. I was trying to explain to […]

Our Minds

Our minds are powerful. What we think and the way we think influences our entire lives. It is where we make all decisions. Yes, every action we take is first “a thought” in our minds. Thus, the sum total of our actions (starting with our thoughts) determines the direction of our lives. Mining our minds […]


Being outnumbered is not a good feeling. I know that being in the minority can be intimidating. The best way to not fall prey to intimidation (which sometimes can include bullying) and manipulation is to be a God pleaser and not a man pleaser. Studying God’s Word can give you the encouragement needed to have […]

Gird Up!

How many times in life do we get angry, frustrated, disappointed or disgusted with people? You cannot get on the internet, turn on the TV, or listen to the radio without hearing the anger people have with others. Just the other day I received a phone call from someone who was extremely angry with me. […]

Not Forgotten

Do you ever feel forgotten? I think at some point in life we can all feel this way! Left out, overlooked, passed over…maybe the word is invisible? I find so much comfort in reading my Bible, turning to the book of Luke and reading the words of Jesus Himself in 12:6, “Are not 5 sparrows […]