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While in Jerusalem we have studied about Jesus being an innocent man and falsely accused. Pilate even said, “Look I am bringing him out to let you know that I find NO basis for a charge against him” (John19:4). It didn’t matter. The chief priests and their officials shouted, “Crucify! Crucify!” How does that relate […]


I was sitting in a meeting and glanced at my vibrating phone…a voicemail from a friend…someone we love…but don’t see very often. Our kids grew up playing golf together and the age difference between all of them is years. One of the very best things about golf is that a foursome can consist of players […]

Amazing God

OK…2 posts today…I think they are both worth reading here is the 2nd As we all work together…to RECOVER and HELP our STATE HEAL…I just have to share this private inbox…not to highlight me…please know this but to show FIRST there are no coincidences in life…NONE and Second..Romans 8:28 “And we know that all things […]


Today…I can say for 100% certainty…you don’t know, you really don’t know, until you “Live it!” After October 4, 2015… I will forever respond differently when disaster hits…another state…or anything that I know about. The very least I will do…is send money. I will definitely pray. I have found myself…in the very center of devastation […]

God’s Appointments

Tracing God’s fingers in my life is a ton of fun for me but it also provides comfort and confidence for me in the life ahead. Of course when I look back, I would not want to repeat some of the trails and steps I have made….but I would not trade the lessons I have […]