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Since Brewer’s stroke in early January, being able to write has been difficult…mostly because there was so much to do to help to get him back to a normal lifestyle. When the very unexpected “hurricane category 5” storm blows in and knocks you off your feet, it takes a while to “find” normal again. And […]

Battle Plan

When life heats up and problems seem to be mounting…what do you do? Do you tend to go to the phone or to the throne? Thankfully I have learned, through experience and doing it wrong, that one word from God is better than 5,000 words from humans. God has every answer to every problem we […]

The Gap

The gap between the desire to do and actually doing God’s will is determined by how much we love and trust God and sometimes the pain we are willing to endure to do His Will His way. Some good examples? “Loving your enemies.” “Praying for those who despitefully use you.” We have to be different. […]


This question was posed in a sermon I was watching online recently: “Why in the world would we pray for God’s will then not participate?” It was such a great question worth thinking about, worth posing to myself and to you the reader. Not just posing the question, but looking for the answer from ourselves, […]