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S-trength Zone Several months ago I was so blessed to hear Perry Noble preach a message on “HOPE!” The Sunday before I heard Dick Lincoln preach a message on “Hope!” I love it, love it, love it, because I know real hope in life is through a relationship with Jesus. Even though their deliveries were […]

Seek Your Advocate

I had one huge snake crawling right across my chest. It startled me and I was sweating bullets….thankfully, I woke up! Same thing happened the next night except, it wasn’t a snake this time…I was falling…..falling….falling….and then I woke up in a sweat! These kind of dark…dramatic dreams…were disrupting my sleep. Thankfully, I would wake […]

What Is Your Standard?

Several nights ago I was visiting with one of “my girls.” This girl is a Christ follower and one whom I admire for her faith and her athletic ability among many other things. We were playing catch up and our time is usually spent “talking out” frustrations, praying and seeking God for all of life’s […]

New Favorite Preacher

What do Andy Stanley, Louie Giglio, Judah Smith, Perry Noble, Joyce Meyers, Dick Lincoln and Adrian Despres all have in common? First, they are all dynamic ministers. More importantly to me, over the last year, depending on who Collins has heard recently, each of them at different times has become her “new favorite Preacher.” Collins, […]

A True Role Model

“It was not what she said, but what she was.” This was a quote from Ruth Graham’s biography and was a common thought of Billy Graham’s wife, Ruth. To me, she was an absolutely amazing woman. A true role model. Her ACTIONS WERE HER STRONGEST WORDS. She was strong,loving, humorous, independent, prayerful, strict, resolute and […]

The Back 9

Since going public with “Back 9 Ministries” there have been some things that have happened that I didn’t see coming. I have come to understand during the last 6 years, at a very deep level, that when you obey God fully, you can trust Him fully. He will guide, counsel, protect, teach, refine, grow and […]