Back 9-er Stories

Dear Back 9-ers,
I love personal testimonies of what God is doing in people’s lives. Not only testimonies of someone coming to know Christ, even though I love those stories and I want to hear them and share them, but stories of God Winks as well. Too many times we don’t get the opportunity to share God Winks or moments…..sooo….I am asking you to email Back 9. Share your God Winks or moments with us.

It will take some time to gather and edit and then post all the stories. I can’t promise all will be published but I can say that I will try. The Back 9 editor, Leslie Pekrul, is a blessing to this ministry. She has been so faithful and diligent. Currently she has experienced some family medical emergencies that have taken precedence over editing for Back 9. That, along with my speaking schedule and working to get the next book out, have slowed us down a little. At least you know we are trying to keep it real here.

I have many plans for writing and speaking and now want to include more stories than just my own! So please start sending them! We look forward to anticipating how God will use your story to reach others. I plan on using Back 9 and my call….to help you share! I can’t tell you how excited I am….for all that God is doing……He is amazing and I feel the Best is yet to come…..I expect Great things from the Great God I serve and I want you to as well! To HIM be ALL THE GLORY AND HONOR AND PRAISE!

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