Be Awesome

Recently, while I was in Dallas, Texas, for a leadership conference, I got up early on Sunday morning to have my quiet time. Since I am a very early morning person and Bill is not (opposites attract LOL!), I got dressed and went to the lobby to sit and have my quiet time. I know that was an odd place to try and have a quiet time but there was no other place because it wasn’t very quiet at the hotel. I used my headset to listen to a sermon on my laptop and then music from my iPod while I read my Bible.

I was excited about the morning because I knew I was going to a special worship service and hear Michael W. Smith lead worship live. I was really excited because for the last 5 to 6 years he has opened my personal worship time with “All is Well” every morning on my iPod.

I was sitting in the lobby, in my own little world, enjoying reading my Bible. As I was sitting there listening to this familiar song I just happened to look up and there stood Michael W. Smith, in person, two feet from me and looking right at me.

For a moment I thought I was having a “vision,” a “spiritual mirage,” and then he spoke and said, “Wow! I noticed you were reading your Bible!” I smiled and said, “Yes, and I am actually listening to you.” Then I turned my iPod to show him the song. We both laughed. I was able to share with him in person just how much his work and gifts ministered to me and also tell him that “All is Well ” was my favorite song. He told me that it was his favorite as well. Of course I had to selfie the moment!

I am convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that this moment was orchestrated by God for me to be able to tell him, Michael W. Smith, just how much God, through his gift, had ministered to me. :o) My heart’s desire is to encourage others in their walk and their God-ordained purpose in life and here God was allowing me to encourage someone like that!!!

Knowing what I know on the Back 9 of life, at 53 I know everyone needs “ENCOURAGEMENT,” even the famous, the successful. :o) Because of what he does in life, his sold out commitment to our Lord, I know he must face “spiritual warfare!” I know his faith is strong and with his spiritual maturity he knows how to defend but it was awesome that God orchestrated the personal moment for me to share in person, face-to-face with literally no one around. It was very, very early and If I had not been up I would have never seen him. All was still! It was a little hug from God for both of us after being up early spending time with the Lord that we both love.

Later that morning the worship time was just amazing. I would like to share with you his message to us as he led worship through song. He simply shared the message to “BE AWESOME!” That is what God desires for us, to be awesome. To live a life that is worthy of our calling. God’s desire would be that we reflect “awesome” in all that we do.

I couldn’t agree more! He was encouraging us to live Colossians 3:23, “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters, since you know that you will receive an inheritance for the Lord as a reward. It is for the Lord Christ you are serving.” So simply today, I encourage you with whatever you are called by God to do, do it well.
Do it good.
Remember, “Anyone can be cool but AWESOME takes practice.” And “Weird is just a side effect from being awesome.”

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  • Sherry-just read this & sent it to my Clemson junior-I know it will encourage her! Thank you for sharing YOUR gifts!

    • I know high quality work when I see it. Your content is of high quality and it81#2&7;s apparent you hold yourself to a higher standard than most. Keep writing like this and I’ll be back.