I don’t like what I see!!!

“OOhhh! I don’t use one of those, I don’t like what I see!!!” This was what the clerk at the check-out counter said to me recently when I was purchasing a new mirror. I have always used a lighted makeup mirror to put on my makeup, pluck my eyebrows, etc. On the Back 9, I have even increased the magnifying strength so that I can see better and pluck those eyebrows just a bit better. LOL!!! I have had great vision on the Front 9, but on the Back 9 my eyesight has needed some outside help!!!!

When I bought my first set of “readers,” I bought one of those “thingys” you put around your neck so your glasses can hang on your chest until you need them. Needless to say that lasted about a week. One of our kids threw a fit and said, “Mom, don’t wear that thingy around your neck. It makes you look old!!” Well, you can just know, I took that “thingy” off and have not worn it since!! Unfortunately, at times, because I no longer use the “thingy,” I have to look for my glasses and have had to buy several pairs. Ha ha!!

Eyesight is a precious thing. I have learned to value it more than ever now that I am dependent on readers and a stronger magnifying makeup mirror. Thank goodness for the inventors who have gone before me and made my life easier as I have headed into the Back 9.

Like the check-out clerk, when I look into that stronger magnifying mirror, it helps me see things I want to see but I also see things I don’t like!!! As in life, sometimes we need a Magnifying look at the things we don’t like to see. Just think, God sees it all. Other people may see things about us that we don’t have the “vision” to see!! Many times, because we are with ourselves all the time, we get so familiar with ourselves that we don’t capture what we really need to see. It is kind of like driving. When you have been driving for a while, it becomes automatic and familiar. We don’t really have to think about what we are doing, we just do it. I have been driving for so long now that sometimes I drive places and it is as if I were driving on “auto pilot!”

Psalms 139:24 states, “See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.”

In life, everyone needs a “magnifying makeup mirror”!! No one wants to walk out and greet people with black pepper between their teeth or be the women who walks out of the bathroom with their dress stuck in their tights. As much as we care about how we look, we also should seek the up close “vision” of the not so pretty things in our lives and get the “black pepper out of our teeth”!

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