I Get A Little Angry

I get a little angry …when I see something in someone else…which is a “used to be me,” because now that I’m not living in the dark in my thinking…I certainly don’t want others to stay stuck or live where I lived for way too long….( people pleasing) and allowing things that should not be to be……….Here goes…

No one has the ability to rob you of your day or joy…Unless you allow it…….
Name calling should stop when you are a child…It is ok to label behavior, in fact, it is always a good thing to label what you see…like saying, “ you are being rude, mean, hateful, etc”…but name calling is for children not adults….Do not allow people to call you names especially if they are adults.

I have learned simple things like just “turning and walking away!” You do not have to stand and listen just because someone is talking to you and thinks they have the right to say hurtful things …I am amazed as I mentor college students and young professionals…how many people in authority think that they can bully and say whatever they want….I can tell you if you are reading this and are currently in this kind of situation ….where someone is name calling and crossing the line with their abusive words….find another job…walk away…or document that abuse…it should not happen. Life is way too short and God’s view of you is way too special for you to allow someone who is miserable on the inside…to project that the abuse onto you…DON”T DO IT!

I was talking to a certain young adult who shared with me the terribly abusive words in the work place…I could not believe my ears …as I watched and mentored them carefully in the situation….I realized the abuser…may have been very successful… heck, Hitler had great success and money…It didn’t make him right and we can certainly look at history to see what a sick human being he was…but remember…he fooled many people and somehow charmed many to follow him and do what he said…my advice…Get away from the bullies, a.k.a. HILTERS….your emotional well-being is at stake…do not go down the dark path with them…..I can tell you they live in the dark…because they think they have the right and it is ok…that is a BIG NOT!!!

All of this can be tricky for young people and some not so young…sometimes it takes some years and life experience to realize these things….we can be a “frog in a boiling pot.” If we have been allowing this as our “normal” for very long, we become accustomed to it…some young people grow up in a bully environment and that is all they know…so when someone outside their home bullies or abuses they think it is ok…Well I am here to tell you it is NOT OK!

Pay attention to who you listen to! and pay attention to Who you allow to speak into your life! This is the advice I give to our own kids and those I mentor….people usually have a history and a track record and it is easy to look for the “Proof in the pudding.” A large bank account or prestigious title doesn’t always qualify people, it can but sometimes those are the very people you should run from…Look at the coach from Penn State, it took years to uncover that he was a monster. He had a big title and was friends with title holders………I tell kids all the time…”Watch how they treat others,” especially people in powerful positions ! How do they treat others that are in lower positions…Do they value people for who they are? not what they have or do…Many, many times it is very easy to just observe and learn everything you need to know….track records are key…and if someone says, “Trust me!” then you probably can’t! If somebody is talking behind your back..well ignore them they are exactly where they need to be …Behind you!

I can’t tell you how many people allow….low life’s( people who are bitter, jealous,lazy, etc.) to criticize and try to take away someone else’s joy, accomplishment, satisfaction or a combination of the 3. It is called projection…people who are miserable project their “garbage” onto someone else…they really want to make themselves feel better by stepping on, kicking or belittling someone else….Don’t allow it…Don’t….Do it.

We are told in scripture that we are created in God’s image. In Ephesians 2:10 it states that we are “God’s handiwork!” We are…God’s handiwork and often times the value we place on ourselves is the value others will place on us. My advice…and you can be humble about it…Place a high price tag on yourself…God did when he sent his Son, Jesus, to live and die on a cruel cross for you and for me…His desire is for us to value ourselves and the life He has bestowed upon us…So don’t let anyone make you feel differently…You get to choose! Don’t allow others to rob you of what God has done for you and created you to do on this earth. Seek Him in everything…He will be faithful to show you especially in His written word!

“I would rather be a little nobody, than to be an evil somebody.” Abraham Lincoln

Walk away from the “Hitlers”..they are miserable people and you cannot put any value on their words or actions!

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