Got Confidence?

You want confidence? You want your life to change? To be a more confident person? You can have all you want…..if you “choose” to sit still!

Yep….the most confidence I have ever experienced in my life came from sitting…praying…and reading God’s Word. It is in those moments…sitting still before the God of the Universe that my heart is prepared to “hear” and “receive!” Even if you are reading this and you do not consider yourself a Christian or a Christ follower….I personally challenge you, if you are desiring “confidence,” to step out and try Jesus. You don’t even have to tell a soul what you are doing!

Get a Bible. If you have no means to get a Bible…Inbox me. I will make sure you get a Bible. Don’t let the lack of a Bible hinder you from taking on this challenge. Set your alarm. Find a quiet place. Then, you can say to Jesus (just as if He were sitting right there with you because He is), “Please reveal yourself to me.”

Even if you doubt He exists, but you are secretly trying, ask Him to reveal Himself to you; ask Him to you show Himself. Maybe because you are desperate and things aren’t going well in your life and you have tried other things….but secretly you know…you are at your wit’s end:

in trouble,
sick… etc.

You get the picture. Let me encourage you with the words of Psalm 69:32, “The poor will see and be glad—you who seek God, may your hearts live!” Emphasis here on seeking God!

After asking Jesus to show Himself to you, open your Bible to the book of John, found in the New Testament. Just start reading. John unpacks the life of Jesus when He walked the earth. It includes some of Jesus’ miracles and you can see the character of Jesus. It is easy to read. You might not find the exact answer you are looking for for yourself…but you will find Jesus. Trust me, when you find Jesus, you will find HE. Has. ALL YOUR ANSWERS!

After reading, just talk to Jesus as if He were sitting right beside you (HE IS!). Tell Him anything you want. You can show Him your anger, your pain, your discouragement, your loneliness…anything….trust me…HE. Can. Handle IT.

Then the hard part comes….sit quietly… for a while… maybe start off with 10 minutes (which if you have never done this it may seem like an eternity at first). But if you truly want to feel Jesus…to experience the power of His presence to gain answers and confidence for your life ….then SEEK IT! Do this for a week. I truly believe…the Scripture found in Jeremiah 29:13…..”If you seek me…with all your heart…you will be found by me!”

God shows up every time. He will not disappoint. Our part is being honest and truly seeking HIM! The reason I say do it for a week…is this…we are human…and we are imperfect people. When you intentionally seek Jesus for a week, then you will recognize Him and will not, in your humanness, discount it as a coincidence or try to explain it away.

YOU WILL know that you know it is Jesus. Then, the confidence you are looking for will appear. YOU will know your Creator–the One who knows the numbers of hairs on your head! Just know Confidence comes from your Creator….seeking Him even in secret is ok….eventually you won’t be able to keep it a secret.

Psalm 105:4, “Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always.”

Blessings for finding the “Confidence” God gives freely to anyone who seeks it!

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