Kindness Is Contagious

If you know me or have read my first book, “The Front 9,” you know that I have had to overcome the fear of flying. Funny how in the Back 9, God has me on an airplane quite a bit in the coming year. Thank goodness…He has provided the “right people” in my life, some of whom are strangers, to help me deal with this real fear!

Recently…Collins, our daughter, and I took a trip to New York to celebrate her 21st birthday…I requested to fly Delta. I have just always liked that airline. My bias may be due in part to a Delta “off duty” pilot sitting next to me on a flight several years ago. He really was God’s provision in helping me start breaking down my unhealthy fear of flying. To say the least, I will always remember that pilot, his wisdom and the time he took to help me.

I can say Delta still has my loyalty because our flights for the trip were wonderful. The thing I was most impressed by…was how kind and friendly the pilots and airline attendants were. It made such an impression on me so I had to ask a flight attendant on the trip home from Atlanta to Columbia….if they had any special training as of late related to customer service…and being so kind to passengers.

Her reply was heartwarming and revealing…she said everybody in any customer service industry should take notes and model Chick-fil-A…they have it figured out….we all have learned from them! Wow! What a tribute to the desire of Truett Cathy to apply God’s principles to his “business” and it be modeled in the business world. That so excites me! You can’t go to a Chick-fil-A and walk away without having a “great feeling” and that is exactly how I felt after our trip on Delta!

Collins even noted how kind and helpful the service was during our lunch experience in the Atlanta airport at the “Braves Cafe”. It wouldn’t surprise me at all….if they had learned from Chick-fil-A as well, since they are based in Atlanta…just miles from the Chick-fil-A headquarters. One of the most famous sayings at Chick-fil-A is, “my pleasure”…2 simple words……of kindness.

Just think….what if….all Christians…took it upon themselves to radiate kindness as if….their business depended on it….but did it out of a desire not to represent themselves, but Christ in them?

Maybe, just maybe…it would change our world. What if we applied the Scripture…”over come evil with good” on a daily basis?

I will be the first to say, after I post this journal…I will be tested in this area…I am keenly aware…that is how Satan will attack….no doubt, I will have to stand guard…working and seeking to have victory in this area! I know that I live in a world that is lost…so many who…don’t know Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit in their lives… Christians our actions should attract others, like the smell of “popcorn” when you enter a movie theater. I have even heard people say…”I don’t like popcorn but I love to smell it.” Scripture describes us as a fragrance, aroma. “For we are the aroma of Christ to God among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing, (2 Corinthians 2:15).

Kindness is attractive….as we enjoyed our weekend in New York City…there was a stark comparison between the “kindness” we experienced with Delta and the hotels and restaurants in New York. Funny, I have heard people excuse…the rudeness…lack of patience…as a New York thing. Wow…who wants to don that reputation proudly???

Kindness should, as a Christian, not be a demographic concept…it is a biblical one…think about how “KINDNESS” can stand out when it is not the norm. I encourage you as a Christian to be intentional…to develop the fruit of the spirit of “gentleness and kindness” in your daily comings and goings, especially when you are in an area where “rudeness” is worn as a badge of honor or is accepted as a “norm”. It should be anything but normal to a Christian. Kindness is a profitable fruit. It is more than just a good business practice. It is the sweet smelling aroma of Christ in action.

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