Let’s Get REAL!

Come on people let’s get REAL!! Get off the sofa or fence. Wherever you are sitting, get UP!!!! Seriously???????? I am amazed at how much attention we give to the news, the economy, politics, issues and wringing our hands about the future. We mumble, complain, even argue with people, yet WE DO NOTHING!! Seriously………the next time you start to complain about something……ask yourself this OH, SO IMPORTANT QUESTION, “What action have I taken to help??????” I am not talking about just PRAYING. DO NOT MISUNDERSTAND, as a believer, WE ARE ALL CALLED AND EXPECTED TO PRAY. Only God knows if we do or not, but HE also has called us to be HANDS AND FEET, TAKING ACTION.

Maybe it is called getting older, being in my fifties and living some life. I can no longer TOLERATE hearing someone rant and rave about a situation and they seriously have NOT EVEN ATTEMPTED TO PUT LEGS ON their CONCERNS. Sometimes, if I stick around and listen, I pray and try my best to gently ask them what action have they taken with their concerns. I cannot help it!!!! I am not going to be politically correct here. I hate that!! I am not a fence rider and never will be, but I am cautious about not being a “Bull in a China Shop” (side note: I love the new commercial on TV that so shows you what that statement means. It actually has a real bull in a china shop!!! LOVE IT!!!)

There is a man in the city where I live. I literally see him all the time standing on the street corner holding a doll and holding a sign against abortion. I am not sure at all of the “success of his efforts,” but I can tell you he has all of my respect!! All of it. He actually is unashamed of his convictions. He puts work (puts legs) to his words. I do not believe in abortion either and I can tell you every time I see him, which is a lot, it causes me to stop and pray about the decisions mothers make over unborn children. It has caused me to go home and write a check to “Day Break” Crisis Pregnancy Center, among other things. Out of respect for his effort and not judging his motives, I want to be a result of his actions.

I have to just stop here and say, I believe life happens at conception, regardless of the circumstances. That “UNBORN CHILD” has a right to live and their blood is on the citizens of this country for every life taken. Exodus 20:13, “You shall not murder!” Scripture could not be more clear!!! If you google Jane Roe’s regret of Roe vs. Wade, you will see that Jane Roe has dedicated her life to trying to overturn that Supreme Court decision. Go to the source of someone like her and learn. She has walked in those shoes and has “LIFELONG REGRET”.

This journal is to encourage you to BE ACTIVE FOR CHRIST!! Living James 1:22, “Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves, DO WHAT IT SAYS.” It may start with picking up the Bible and reading it. You can’t do what it says if you don’t know what it says.

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