Living With Regret

Have you ever done anything you really regret? Words, actions or both?…and, if you could take them back, you would a 100 times over? Regret is a bad thing……and realizing you can’t take back words or actions or roll back the “sands of time” can leave anyone feeling bad, lost, empty. Those things we grieve over…….. past mistakes, failures, blatant wrong/sin, that we just can’t undo….they are done….over…..but there remains residue…..wounds/scars ….memories…..!

Pretty sure now that I am in the Back 9, some of us may have more severe degrees of regret but most everyone has some…..Circling and staying there is not something Christ wants us to do. It is not His desire. His death on the cross and resurrection was for all! All who choose to believe in Him and place their trust in HIM.

Today’s post is one I hope will encourage anyone who lives with regret! It is my desire that you would understand Christ’s plan for you/me! In the New Testament there is a story that actually happened; it’s not a parable. It is found in Luke 7:36-47—Jesus is invited to dinner at one of the Pharisee’s homes. A woman who had lived a very sinful life heard where Jesus was and she WENT there. She took with her an alabaster jar of perfume (her BEST) and she WEPT. She used her tears and hair to clean Jesus’ feet then broke the jar of perfume and poured it on his feet.

The story goes on to tell what the Pharisees (humans/man/religious people) were thinking…..they were thinking, if Jesus were really a prophet (the son of God), He would know what this woman had done…..meaning He wouldn’t allow her to be at His feet if He knew who she was and what she had done….

This is when the story gets really good….Jesus, knowing the thoughts of the Pharisees (reminding me/you that Jesus knows our thoughts), He speaks to Simon and poses a question….He says, “If two men owe money and one owes 500 denari and the other 50 denari and neither of them have the money to pay back the money lender and the lender cancels the debts of both. Now which one will love him more?” Simon replies that the one who had the greater debt would love him more. Jesus goes on to point out that the woman loved Him more….He compares her actions to the action of the Pharisees…He said, “From the time she walked in she has cleaned my feet with her tears, she has wiped them with her hair, she poured perfume on my feet and has not stopped kissing my feet. You neither cleaned my feet, nor put oil on my head” (all of these were customs of the day and culture).

Jesus points out that she loved much….and says, “Therefore I tell you her many sins have been forgiven for she loved much. But he who has been forgiven little loves little.” Just a note to remember, Jesus made sure that he said BOTH men had debts/sins. Neither was guilt-free!!!

God’s desire for all of us is to weep over our sin and to turn. Not stay there….living in regret…..His desire is for us to repent and give Him our best….when the woman broke the alabaster jar of perfume…..she brought the best she had and gave it to Jesus… matter what my/your sin or regret is WE STILL HAVE MUCH WE CAN GIVE TO JESUS……. that is where He desires us to live…… starts with weeping (true remorse) then, repentance and then offering our best……then LOVING HIM MUCH!

Don’t allow yourself to become a downtrodden, helpless, can’t get over your actions kind of person…..realizing we can’t look to humans for their opinions. Many are like the Pharisees and stand in judgment, looking down their nose…..Don’t look to man and man’s opinion for there is where you will stay in “regret and guilt city!”

Turn your eyes upon Jesus…..take yourself to Jesus’ feet….at that point….YOU find peace, comfort, forgiveness, direction and, YES….you will also discover how He can reveal the best in you….to be used and magnified in the future………..Humans will always let you down….that is why we are in need of a HOLY God for it is there we can find TRUE HAPPINESS, LIFE DIRECTION AND SIGNIFICANCE.

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