MOBing Lessons

As the time is drawing near for my MOBing days to come to an end, I have been and am enjoying every minute. When God allows you a “new walk” and “new experiences,” there are ALWAYS new lessons and new challenges. I have been journaling. After this life experience of being an MOB, there are things from here on out that I will do differently….

For example, for years I have received many wedding invitations. In fact, last weekend I had a blast at a family wedding. When we received that particular wedding invitation just six weeks ago, I thought it was absolutely beautiful when I opened it…but .…I never called nor texted the MOB or the bride to tell either how beautiful it was. (In fact I have never done that for anyone.)

Since the time we mailed out Collins’ wedding invitations, I have been overwhelmed and blessed by people who have taken the time to write a personal note, texted me or picked up the phone to call me and tell me how much they loved the invitation…how pretty it was and how excited they were. It has meant so much to me. I have felt so much love and ENCOURAGEMENT……

Lesson learned–I will never ever receive another wedding invitation that doesn’t prompt me to call or text that MOB and bride! You don’t know what you don’t know….and now that I am walking this path…I have truly learned how I can encourage someone who walks after me as an MOB!

The next lesson I have learned is that I have failed multiple times at sending a response…on time. I failed with one of my best friends from college just last year as she was MOBing. She had to call me about my response card. She knew we were coming but I had failed to confirm.

Today, as the response cards are coming in, and I have many to open every day, I am so touched by the personal notes that people have written on their response cards…with the excitement of a Yes. Or one friend who had to give a regret was so sweet to write where they were going to be and why.

Of course I DO NOT EXPECT THIS…but when I have sent a response card in previously…with a yes or a no….I have never thought to write a short note on the card. These notes have been so MEANINGFUL as stress can mount in the nearing days of a wedding.

I have been told by seasoned MOB’s to be prepared to be overwhelmed by the “LOVE” that others show…so much so…that Satan can creep in and attempt to make you feel guilty over not being able to repay the love or kindnesses. Or Satan can also remind you, even hound you, over past instances when you may not have shown the love that you are being shown. THAT is truth on steroids.

Recently…I have had to pray extra hard. The enemy has been whispering and reminding me of past fails… when I didn’t go to some weddings or shower people with encouragement and love. Yes, MOBing has been and is a blast. I never realized, when Collins got engaged, the many lessons God had in store for me. I have been told by our most capable and fabulous wedding planner…there are lessons that remain……….

As I continue on this journey, I reflect that life is all about learning and growing and seeking to be better today than yesterday.

To LEARN the lessons God has for us… especially the lesson…YOU DO NOT KNOW…YOU REALLY DO NOT KNOW UNTIL you walk that road.

So many times, because I haven’t been in other peoples shoes, I continually relearn…I HAVE NO CLUE. MOBing has taught me this…until you walk this road you really DON’T know. Just like being a mother. You can think you know but until you are one…YOU DON’T KNOW!

I can remember foolishly judging my sister when she had her first child. LOL! I was not a mother. I had no clue. NONE! I can still remember my sister’s words, ”Just wait until you are a mother and hold YOUR BABY. You will be different and think differently.” She was so right………

God has forever changed me as an MOB. I can look ahead and know that God had our daughter go first. Why? A very HUGE benefit for this MOB. When our sons get married, I can be empathetic and be a better MOG and encourager ….because I now know what it is like to be an MOB. I praise God for teaching me the lessons I have learned.

He does have the “space shuttle” view. If you have never been either an MOB or MOG, learn from my experience. Weddings are very special. It is a GREAT opportunity to shower encouragement and love on a family. Your senses are heightened. Your heart is more tender….and the smallest acts of kindness touch the deepest crevices of hearts.

Proverbs 11:25, “…whoever refreshes others will be refreshed” and the simple scripture found in Romans 12:15, “Rejoice with those who rejoice…” have both been so “lived out loud to me.” I am forever changed!

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  • Good words that apply to all areas of life. For example, I lost my husband to cancer and will tell you that you don’t know what you don’t know until you are a member of that sad club, the widows club.
    People mean well, they try to empathize, some even judge like you said , but they know not what they speak because…just like being a MOB, until you walk it don’t get it Thanks for the words, Sherry!

  • Love this & you Sherry for putting it so eloquently into words! The joys and the anxiousness you feel as a MOB is hard to know until you’ve been there! Excited for you & Bill, but especially for that sweet Collins! Looking forward to meeting Mike and telling him how blessed he is to be marrying into your family! Cheers!