One Person Power

Having just moved to Columbia, and being very unfamiliar with the city 30 years ago, I remember pulling into our driveway after returning from the grocery store to find a strange car already parked. As I got out, there were two kind faces who introduced themselves as Faith and Dave. They had stopped by to introduce themselves and invite us to visit their church.

We went that very next Sunday and that is where we have made our home for the last 30 years. We have made countless friends, have been loved and supported through good times and bad and, most importantly, have been fed the word of God and seen it lived out from body of Christ in that church. This my friends is a powerful example of the “power of one”…an invitation by a couple who took the time to visit and invite and God did the multiplying!

I can remember reading a book by Andy Stanley. I don’t remember which one since I have read all of his books. But in one of them he elaborates on the concept of “Power of ONE!” I want to attempt to explain it and then give you personal examples because this principle has been manifested in my life countless times. HERE GOES…

Basically, Andy says DON’T buy into the concept, “If you can’t do for all, then don’t do at all!” He says, “If you can only DO for ONE, then by all means DO IT!” Most of us don’t have the resources or time to help hundreds but ALL of us, if we are honest, can help or do for one! We can trust God to be the “multiplier!”

This could mean “doing” in the form of an invitation, a word of encouragement, a material gift, a listening ear, or an act of service. The list can go on and on. We all have the “Power of ONE!” and we can all trust God to multiply our efforts and our gifts.

I would like to give personal examples of the impact this concept has had on my life!

My fifth grade teacher, Ms. Lillian Moore, who gave her time after school, and in the summer, to help me read and write better because I have dyslexia! Now I am a reader and writer. The power of one through the gift of SERVICE!

Claudia Turner, former Miss South Carolina, shared her testimony in my home church when I was 9, and then I gave my life to Christ. Many influenced that decision in my life, but her testimony was the FINAL touch to give me the courage. The power of one through INFLUENCE, role model.

Bill Nichols moved to a neighboring town and invited me to join his clogging team. I did. It was my talent in the Miss America pageant. The power of one through INVITATION.

When I was a freshman at Clemson, Ricky Capps (the Tiger mascot at the time) encouraged me to try out for the cheerleader squad and told me I could do it! That gave me the courage to do it. I was a cheerleader all 4 years. The power of one through ENCOURAGEMENT.

My mother filling out all of the paperwork to enter the pageant. The power of one. The gift of BELIEF in someone.

My dad telling me to quit work when I was sexually harassed at my first job. I quit and it proved to be for my protection. The power of one through WISDOM.

My friend, Hope, sharing with me a tape on parenting, “Growing Kids God’s Way”. It influenced our parenting in the most dramatic way. The power of one through SHARING.

My friend, Julie, calling after God placed my name on her heart to pray for me and then call. The power of one through an ear bent toward God and obedience. The power of one at JUST THE RIGHT TIME.

That friend who was available to walk with me for 2 hours and listened and gave me advice that was life changing and healing.

A friend sharing a very personal struggle and how they had victory. The power of one through HUMILITY.

Receiving a hand written note from my friend, Lorie. Just at the right time when God knew I would need it! The power of one through a WRITTEN NOTE.

Receiving that one phone call during the flood that produced monetary resources that majorly helped 5 families who lost everything. That gift was funneled through ONE friendship.

That stranger in the Chick-Fil-A drive thru that bought Thomas’ breakfast and left the message to convey to me, “God has you!” not knowing of the storm we were in with Thomas in the hospital with a serious and life-threatening staph infection. Words and actions of encouragement and comfort far beyond what the stranger could have possibly known.

The “POWER OF ONE” can be life changing. The difference is the “BUY IN AND APPLICATION OF THE CONCEPT!” We all have the power to be a positive fork in the road for someone. The choice is ours.

Proverbs 11:14, “One man gives freely, yet gains even more…”

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