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Recently, while sitting at home on the sofa, Thomas contemplated changing his mind on a decision he had made months ago. He had committed to be a small group leader in Knoxville,TN, for college golf fellowship with Korkie Kemp. They would be staying at the home of Scott Stallings, a PGA Tour player. Thomas, several days before the event had been working on his game and felt it was ready for a tournament. He realized there was a great event in NC at a course where he had played well many times in junior golf…so he had a dilemma. Should he call Korkie to explain and walk away from the College golf fellowship weekend so that he could play in the tournament? He spoke with me about it and we talked about honoring God with his commitment to Korkie.

He concluded he needed to go to Knoxville. I understood that was a hard thing to do. The day before Thomas broke our home golf course record and shot a 62. Needless to say, he was feeling good about his game and a swing he has fervently been working on. Thankfully, as a parent, a lover of Jesus and through years of experience, I know that putting God first is the only way in life–golf, your dreams, your family, your friends, everything. If God is second, He may as well be last. Thomas has heard me say this more than once in the last four years.

On with the story…Thomas fulfilled his commitment to Korkie and came home. I have learned as a parent not to interrogate but just wait until Thomas was ready to share about the weekend. Three days after returning home, early in the morning, Thomas appeared in my office and joined me in my quiet time. He had a book and Bible and started to read. As we sat there quietly on Saturday morning, the Spirit started to move and Thomas started to share. He shared many things but for the sake of time, I will share two brief things.

First, he shared a question they had to ask themselves in group time: “If you could be known for one thing what would it be?” Thomas confessed his answer was not the right one. I hope he doesn’t mind me sharing but his honesty is what I grow from, what he grows from and what you will grow from. His answer was, “To be the number one golfer in the world.” He quickly looked at me and said, “I realized, wow! That has got to change in my life. Golf cannot be an idol.” He continued to tell me the answer for his life had to become, “to be known as a lover and follower of Jesus Christ.”

Second, he shared a very cool story that many may know but he didn’t, nor did I, until he shared it. Bono, the U2 infamous entertainer who several years ago was voted as one of the most influential people in the world, sought for several years to meet Billy Graham. He was unsuccessful until Billy Graham was in a hotel room and saw a magazine cover with Bono’s picture. The cover titled him as one of the most influential people.

Rev. Graham turned to his assistant and asked why that name was so familiar and his assistant told him it was the man who had been requesting for several years to meet him personally. Rev. Graham decided they should meet. Within 12 hours of Bono getting the call from Rev. Graham, he and his band flew from Ireland to meet with Rev. Graham. During that visit, Bono thanked Rev. Graham and told him that he was the reason he knew Jesus.

Thomas was impressed by Bono’s yearly request to meet with Graham and the fact that it took several years for the meeting to happen. And a magazine cover was used to orchestrate their meeting. The second thing that impressed Thomas was that when Bono got the call, he dropped everything and went with his band to meet Graham. He was also blown away by the fact that all Bono wanted to do was to personally thank Rev. Graham.

I was impressed by all of that too. It flooded my mind with memories from childhood. I shared with Thomas about the years my dad would say, “Get your homework done because tonight the Billy Graham Crusade will be on TV.” Back then there was no video recording nor You Tube…so if you missed it, you missed it. There were also only three channels on the TV and no remote controls. I can remember resenting my dad at first for making me watch it but by halfway through watching it….I loved it and the resentment faded.

Point of post…….there are several today:

1. What do you want to be known for? Is it anything other than a lover of Jesus Christ? If He is second, He might as well be last.
2. Who was instrumental in leading you to Christ? Would you travel across the ocean at the drop of a hat to thank the person who was responsible for sharing Jesus with you? Have you ever thanked them?
3. Share the gospel. You may not ever be famous…but the person you share with? God may use that person to share with thousands or feed thousands or help thousands as Bono and Graham have done.

We are not asked to be famous. We are asked to be faithful to the Great Commission, to go and make disciples.

Matthew 25:21, “…‘Well done, good and faithful servant; you were faithful over a few things,…Enter into the joy of your lord.’”

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