Own Your Life

We all have choices in life. One of the most important choices we make in life is who we become. It really doesn’t matter what your family of origin is, nor where you live, nor how you look. Who we become involves taking the gifts and talents we have been given and using them for good. It’s about taking responsibility for your life. There is not a single soul who has life perfect nor is anyone born perfect. Life has pain, adversity and unique challenges but it can also have rewards, accomplishments and times of pleasure. Behind it all are the choices we make along the way.

With the age of information, the Internet, you can read thousands of stories of lives and their outcomes…all by the choices people make….
born poor become rich,
abused then healed,
homeless to fame,
the scenarios are endless.

What do I mean by taking responsibility for your life? It’s the point where you make no excuses…you look in the mirror and start making decisions. The first of which, in my opinion, is what you believe.

What do you believe about God? About our origin on this earth? About Jesus?

You know there are many lies that come to us – in our own head, through influences of others, and our enemy, Satan. If you stop and just think logically and rationally, you can come to the realization that we didn’t just happen. Looking at the world around us, like the computer or our cell phone, they didn’t just *bang* happen. They were carefully created and put together by someone!

Well, if you stop and take the time to study our bodies – how we are made up, all our body systems from digestive to nervous system to circulatory and the rest didn’t just *bang* happen. We have a Creator, God. It takes more fabrication, intentional denial and irrational thinking to think/believe otherwise.

If you are reading this post and just aren’t sure what you believe, if life seems to suck for you right now, I challenge you to believe what I am writing. If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, if your life is not where you dreamed it would be, if you are not who you pretend to be, if inside your heart and mind things are in complete disarray…

…then maybe, just maybe it is time for new choices. New direction. Maybe it’s time you stopped listening to lies and listening to God and what He says about Himself and you in His Holy Word.

With that being said, you have to extinguish all excuses and stop lying to yourself. It can be a HOLY, life changing moment. It doesn’t mean all the stars will align for you at once, but what it means is that today, and going forward, things can be totally different.

Decide today, you are responsible for you!

I accepted Jesus as my Savior early in life. At a very young age, in my heart and mind, I knew there was a Creator. I had this sense that I was so in need of something bigger than me, to guide and lead me. I also had a deep sense of wrong/sin in my spirit. Even if you don’t feel this way…if life is sucking…I beg you turn to God, even if you have doubts, do it!

For me it was a young age, but you are never too old to make the choice! God uses all circumstances to draw people to Himself, and, yes, sometimes it is when life sucks and we come to a point when leading our own lives isn’t working for us!

It just takes a simple prayer to God asking Him to come into your heart. Making a choice to invite Him in and acknowledge your wrongdoing/sin. Praying something like, “I want to be better, be different. I am trusting that You are there, and that You hear me!  I don’t exactly know what that means, but I know nothing else is working. And this lady writing this blog says it only takes the faith of a mustard seed, a simple choice and prayer. She also says You will come in and that I will start to sense a difference in my life.”

This, my friends, is the first step in taking responsibility for your life: inviting in the Creator of your life. He designed you specifically, with uniqueness. Just look at your fingerprint and DNA. No one has it but you! That, in and of itself, is how specific and known by GOD you are!

I plan on writing a series of blogs…to encourage others along the path of deciding to follow Jesus and taking responsibility for their own life. The first step is inviting your Creator to be Lord. I can honestly say, I’m not a theologian (which means an expert in Bible knowledge) but I am an imperfect person surrendered to a perfect God, who is Lord. I am willing to do my very best, as the Holy Spirt guides me, to write and share what it means to live life on purpose. What it means to take responsibility for your life and be who HE created you to be and encourage you to live a life of significance.

If you are willing to take this journey to a better life, a life on purpose, you will need your Bible. God’s Word is the number one way He speaks to us. I will be referring to it often. Join me in 2019…as we, together, pursue living a significant life.

Until the next blog, I am asking you to get a Bible and read Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. If you are not familiar with the Bible, look in the front of your Bible and it will direct you to these books/chapters in the New Testament. These four books give accounts of the life of Jesus, the One I am introducing you to and encouraging you to invite into your life. Jesus is God’s Son that He sent into the world to seek and to save those who are lost. He was crucified on a cross, an innocent man, but He rose from the dead on the third day. The perfect sacrifice for our sins!

Just take a step of faith and read the accounts. They will tell it better than I ever could who Jesus is. Before you read, ask God to work in your heart and mind to give you understanding of what you are reading. What I can tell you is this: if you are sincere, HE will show up and show out in your life! God knows our hearts and our motives. YOU have nothing to lose!

Read and talk to God daily, just like you would talk to someone you trust.

If you make this decision today, and as you take steps of faith, which means stepping without seeing all that is ahead but trusting…YOU will walk into the Light…the Light will shine in your darkness! I promise!

Let me start you out with John 1:1-5: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. In him was life, and that life was the light of men. The light shines in the darkness but the darkness has not understood it.”

I pray God shines His light on your darkness and that you will have understanding.

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