Prayers Are Answered

“Kindness is the language the deaf can hear and the blind can see.” ~Mark Twain

I continue to praise God for His care and mercy in times of crisis! I see God the most in “trying times”. Oh how HE hovers and provides! As Collins and I spent the day at the ER with Mike yesterday, we saw how many people took the time to pray. It was so easy to see God minute by minute. I felt HIS FINGERS all DAY long. I want to share with you how God answered many prayers.

We were immediately directed to the right hospital by our friend Patti from Augusta who threw on her clothes early on a Saturday morning, putting her out of town trip on hold, to go out and find which ER Mike had been taken to. There are four hospitals in Augusta so her kindness allowed us to drive straight to the right hospital.

The hospital and staff…nurses, doctors and even the door attendants were absolutely amazing…kind, interested, compassionate and competent.

The surgeon was funny, informative and thorough…..

The anesthesiologist was a UGA grad…a Bulldog taking care of another Bulldog!

And then there was this nurse named Bessie! Bessie was amazing. She was the recovery room nurse. She left her station and navigated us to our cars at the ER parking lot. (We got lost in the hospital when Mike left the ER for the operating room.) She road with us in our car to show us where to park and took us to get food.

We were so disoriented to where we were. It was 4 p.m. and we had not eaten all day. She walked us back to the recovery room, taking us the route doctors and nurses use that was shorter and easier. She made coffee for us and gave us warm blankets that were usually reserved for recovering patients. After she settled us in comfortable chairs right at her station, she sat down to study her Sunday School lesson and music for her Sunday morning worship the following day:)))))) NO shock there…she didn’t have to tell me she loved Jesus…we experienced it!!!!

She was the kindest woman I have ever met in a medical situation. She went out of her way…over and above. I have never considered myself very needy…but this day Collins and I both were needy…and God sent an angel. Her name was Bessie. An answer to all those prayers on our behalf. Proverbs 14:21, “Blessed is the one who is kind to the needy.” And Proverbs 14:31, “But whoever is kind to the needy honors God.”

As we sat with Mike in the recovery area, I downloaded Bob Goff’s book, “Love Does”. As I read the book all I could think about was Bessie. This book could have been written by her. The quote at the beginning of chapter 9 says, “I used to think you had to be special for God to use you, but now I know that you simply need to say yes!” I am so glad Bessie said yes to God.

God was so gracious to provide friends, Wesley and Elizabeth Bryan, who opened their home to Collins for a shower and a time of refreshing. God’s continued provision from all the prayers on our behalf.

Lastly…Mike is doing great…surgery and recovery are going well…that is the real praise and provision!

So I encourage you today with this…first, if you are on social media and someone requests prayer…take a minute and shoot an arrow prayer for that person.

“That is saying YES.”

Second, wherever you are in life…at work, at play, at home…”going out of your way for someone,” especially a stranger, is an opportunity to be “the hands and feet of JESUS”. Never have I experienced JESUS in a more authentic way than through Bessie’s actions of kindness. She obviously said YES to Jesus at some point in her life…and hasn’t stopped saying YES.

God uses all of us every day. His desire is for all of us to extend kindness to others. So I end with this very encouraging scripture…Proverbs 11:25, “Whoever refreshes others will be refreshed!” Asking God today to refresh all those who care for the sick………

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