Reaching OUT

“Collins you are a female version of me!” That is what was said to Collins by a dear friend from Dallas who we reconnected with a week ago when we flew there for a friend’s wedding. At the time Collins didn’t realize what a compliment that was to her. :o) It was so good to connect with Logan and his wife Haley whom we haven’t seen in years. Logan was 23 and single when we met him. Now he is 35 and has a beautiful wife and twin boys who are 3 years old. We decided to fly in early in hopes of spending time with Logan and his family. There is never enough time at weddings to truly catch up…so we flew in a day early in order to have time to reconnect.

I value relationships and people so much and love the opportunity, when it presents itself, to spend time with people even if we live miles apart. We met Logan through business. At the time he was a youth pastor and wanted to earn extra income from a part-time business. Needless to say, years later, Logan has done well, extremely well. He travels all over the country and speaks. He has written books and God has blessed him with a huge ministry and territory in sports and in business.

It was fun for one of our kids to meet him and his lovely wife and hear their story of how they grew up….their failures and successes….their love story, etc. He is such a motivator and has had many wins in life. It was fun for Collins, Bill and I to glean from their wisdom. They are both 35 but yes, we can learn much from anyone if we are willing, even if they are younger than us.

At dinner he made many life points but one very valuable one he directed to Collins but it hit me between the eyes as well. I would like to share it with you. Logan is very good friends with John Maxwell who has mentored me for years through his 80 best selling books but John Maxwell has personally mentored Logan. He asked Collins a pointed question.

“Have you added anyone “NEW and Wise” to your inner circle in the last two years who pours into you?”

As Collins thought and started to answer his question, I got lost in my thoughts as I searched to answer the question in my own mind. I want to pose the same question to you. “Have you added anyone to your inner circle in the last two years who adds Value to your life?” You see, Logan was really communicating scripture to Collins. He understands the value of the “right relationships” and how they are “life blood” to your life. People are what matter to God. We all need to understand the importance and the value of the people we invite into our life and that we allow to speak truth and wisdom into our life.

Proverbs 13:20, “Walk with the wise and grow wise, for a companion of fools suffers harm.”
Proverbs 12:15, “The way of a fool is right in his owns eyes but a WISE man listens to advice.” [emphasis mine]

I learned this from John Maxwell through his books but to hear it in person by Logan and have him articulate to Collins how he had put this into practice and what it had done in his life, all by the age of 35, was pretty amazing, inspiring and encouraging. It was a true testimony of the value God places on and instructs in seeking WISE relationships. Learning from the wise and having them speak truth into our lives. Not to just hear it but act on it. :o)

I came away encouraged by what I believe and implement but with a greater conviction to do it better. I also loved that Collins got to hear it from someone younger than me who has lived it. His testimony of living the scripture in Proverbs was REAL…and duplicatable for anyone. :o)

So I encourage you today…examine your life. Who you are allowing to speak into your life? Do you need to add a “Fresh and Wise” person to your inner circle? Do you need to rekindle an existing relationship from the past?

Logan told Collins, and I agree, “If you haven’t added anyone wise to your inner circle in the last two years, YOU ARE NOT GROWING AND STRETCHING AS a person!”

I totally agree with that. As long as we have a breath and are moving around, we need to seek to add value to our lives by expanding our relationships, seeking wise people not foolish ones. It is easy to filter out who they are. The Bible teaches us, “By your fruit you will be known!” (see Matthew 7:16). So simple. Add some great fruit to the basket of your life. Allow them to be a “Sweet taste of fresh wisdom” to enrich your spiritual growth.

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