Blood was everywhere by the time I got to Thomas. He was 2 and there was so much blood I couldn’t tell how big the cut above his eye was. He had been running from Brewer after they had gotten out of the tub. We were visiting my parents and it was late in the afternoon. I was a young mother and scared to death.

My legs were like noodles. I had literally never seen so much blood. I picked Thomas up and wrapped him in a towel….and sat down. I was dizzy from the blood that was gushing from his head and the fright. The next thing I remember was arriving at St. Francis hospital to meet the doctor/friend at the ER. Thomas had a deep long cut just above his eyebrow that would not stop bleeding.

As I walked through the doors, the ER team was waiting, took him out of my arms…and disappeared. At that moment…I could cry. Until then, it was a blur. I sat down and my mom put her arm around me and said, “It will be fine……the right people have him!” Her love, her comfort, her reassurance….was life-giving.

An hour later they appeared with Thomas. He was still sniffling and taking deep breaths and he was wet all over. His hair was wet and so were his clothes. The doctors explained that they had to put him in a toddler’s straight jacket to sew him up and keep him very still. They had called in a plastic surgeon to do the work because the cut was on his face and the work required still, steady hands……….and a still…motionless toddler. I will never forget that day!

Today, he is 23. When I look at Thomas, you cannot see the inch long scare unless you know. It is right above and into his brow. He doesn’t remember the trauma…but I do….it was the first….for this mom….the first of many ER visits…that I have now encountered as a mother of 3! Today at 52….the last count of ER visits that I have made is…..15. Not sure what your number is but that first one was….a memorable one…for many reasons. It was my first experience of ever going to the ER.

Looking back…God’s provision for me was a strong…Mother…one who we called the “Rock!” She was called the “Rock” because she was tough as nails…enduring many things in her life. In fact, it included fighting for her own life two times. The first being a 2 year battle…with months in the hospital when I was young. As I approach the anniversary of her death, the first full year of living my life without her, I work hard at controlling my thoughts to all the good….all the lessons….all the examples of her strength, her love, and her faith. I think about where that strength came from. It came from her love of Christ and from the experience of living life’s difficulties and seeing His hand and provision in her life.

Point of post…life’s traumas…life’s emergencies are going to come….
…it is a part of life…
…and we never know when they may show up….
we can know WHO is ALWAYS THERE…..
I was blessed to have my mom that day…but even better, Jesus. HE is always with us. He truly is.

Nothing takes Him by surprise. N-O-T-H-I-N-G!

I don’t know what trauma you may be facing. I don’t how big the emergency is that you are dealing with but I do know that our God is a big God. Read Isaiah 40 if you need reminding of how big He is. He can measure the waters in the hollow of His hand and yet “He tends his flock like a shepherd: He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart;…” (Isaiah 40:11).

His presence, His comfort, His grace, His provision, His protection, His mercy….is available 24/7, 365 days a year. Lean into Him today. Allow Him to carry you close to His heart.
By His wounds we are healed!

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