A Strong Life


  1. A Personal relationship with Jesus (a time in your life that you have invited Him to live in your heart). John 3:16
  2. Allow your life to be GUIDED by the HOLY SPIRIT (Once a Christian, the Holy Spirit lives inside of you and is there to help you discern the will of God in all areas, constantly, in your life). Romans 12:1-2
  3. Time alone with God (essential so that you can hear the voice of God daily for direction, purpose and accountability). Matthew 4:4
  4. Reading the Bible (the word of God) and actually applying it. Doing what it teaches us to do. Psalm 119:11
  5. Obey. Consistently obeying God, not man. James 1:22; Acts 5:29
  6. See Jesus as the strength of your life (no weapon formed against you will prosper). God is your enabler. Ask Him to strengthen you daily, constantly. Psalm 28:7
  7. Expressing LOVE: showing love and care to all people on a daily basis. I Corinthians 13
  8. Godly people look for the good in others. Philippians 1:3
  9. Serving God with our spiritual gifts. Have to seek and find and ask God to reveal your spiritual gifts and use them daily. I Corinthians 12:12-31
  10. Quick to forgive. (doesn’t mean you will necessarily forget, but don’t dwell). God is the only one that has the supernatural ability to forget. Matthew 6:12
  11. God intends for us to Be Godly; working to not cause anyone to stumble. I Corinthians 10:32
  12. Inner peace. When storms come, understand God is in the midst of the storm. Train yourself to “rest in HIM” in the storm. Psalm 29:11
  13. Wise use of your money, Money can be a quick unseen idol. We are to tithe, spend, save and give. Matthew 6:24
  14. Belong to a Bible teaching church. Put yourself under someone to teach you weekly. Acts 2:42
  15. WE are called to impact other people by our lives and our words and to share Christ. Matthew 28:19
  16. Develop a thankful heart. Psalm 30:12
  17. Ask God to help you learn to take every thought captive. The mind can easily run rampant in the wrong direction. 2 Corinthians 10:5
  18. Develop your prayer life. Romans 12:12; Matthew 6:5-15

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