What Vibes Are You Sending?

While on my girls’ trip to the beach recently, like any great hen party….we were all sitting around talking….imagine that??? LOL! Of course we all had our cell phones close by and the subject of social media came up….everyone in the room participated in social media but one.

One whom I love and admire and consider not to be just a very special lifelong friend, but someone whom I consider very wise! This particular friend is one whom I have shared most of my adult life with, thus far. I knew she was not a fan of social media, but has never been negative about my participation. I decided to broach the subject with her. I would love to be her Facebook friend if I could influence her to join!

After talking for a while and showing her the pictures and updates of some of our mutual friends. Some pictures were of people’s kids that she had not seen since our kids were in school together….I brought up the subject about her joining social media……It was a fail! Haha! She was just not interested….but in her wisdom she brought up a very good point.

She sees some of the dangers of social media…and I couldn’t agree with her more. Her point of view? Most people put their “best foot” forward–pictures, vacations, and “happy times”–noting no one really wants to see “bad” or read a bunch of downers. She drew my attention to the Facebookers whose lives aren’t all together or who were living through a tough time. It could make especially younger kids who have struggles…feel worse about themselves, unpopular, or left out!

POINT WELL TAKEN…..I agree…even on Facebook, people, including myself, put their best foot forward……! I can see how that could really hurt and at the wrong time send the wrong message or “vibes!”

I want to send out this “Vibe” to everyone:

NO one has it all together all the time.
NO one looks good all the time.
NO one feels good all the time.

Everyone has struggles….

We just are not “privy” to everyone’s past or much about their present. Much may be too private to put “out there”–from financial struggles to emotional hurts or rejections….broken families…..warped thinking (I don’t blame them for not sharing on social media but it is there!)

Satan is alive and well and he seeks to destroy…everyone! He lies and he comes in sheep’s clothing (could be the most deceiving best foot forward you see on social media).

He seeks to “devour” and “devastate”. I Peter 5:8, “Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.”

Sooooooo the moral of this story is: celebrate the good and positive you see on social media, but DO NOT BE FOOLED by the “vibe” that everything is good, great and perfect….that would be found in a fiction movie only!

Right before Whitney Houston died, I saw the prettiest pictures of her on social media and her post was positive and upbeat…just weeks later…..she was dead….from drugs…. Ya think she had it together? According to social media…Yep, but the real answer is a big NOT!!! So don’t be deceived into comparing all the good that you see on social media to your good!

Don’t do it….comparison is Satan’s bait…to wrap you up in focusing on outward image….and others’ opinions and thinking…..BE a GOD Pleaser. Trust me. If you strive for that one goal…..you won’t have time to try and keep up with the Joneses!! I am still a fan of social media…one of the biggest…I just keep a healthy perspective and filter it before a Holy God!

Let us not be as those described in Deuteronomy 32:28, “They are a nation without sense, there is no discernment in them.” Be discerning about what you see on social media. Don’t get wrapped up in the wrong “vibes!”

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