Archive | September, 2013

Parenting Bible Study

Recently I watched a You Tube video of a dog that could do just about anything! It was amazing to see this “rescued dog” do things on command–look left, look right, stand up, sit down. The dog understood when its master said jump twice or jump once. He could do almost any command you could […]

I Believe in Angels!

I believe in angels! I have had a personal encounter. “We must be aware that angels keep in close and vital contact with all that is happening on the earth. Their knowledge of earthly matters exceeds that of me. Let us believe that they are here among us.”—Billy Graham Angels are referenced in the Bible […]

First Impressions

First Impressions are more important than you think. Growing up, especially from my teen years on, my mom would “wig-out” if I went out of the house without looking as she thought I should. That meant, showered, decent clothes (no warm-ups and back then it was those baggy Russell athletic sweats, not the slick, trendy […]

Manners Matter!

Manners Matter!! I totally believe this quote by Rick Warren, “There are eternal consequences to everything you do on earth. Every act in our lives strikes some chord that will vibrate in eternity!” Plain and simple, having manners, teaching manners, and modeling manners are extremely important. Starting with myself, there has to be constant self-evaluation. […]