A Mom’s Heart

Brewer Cassidy & Charlie

William Brewer Bradshaw was clearly ordained by God to be our firstborn! Growing up, he was the quintessential big brother to Thomas and Collins, always looking out for them. Even today, he continues to seek their greater good. Brewer graduated from Clemson University where he was a member of the Men’s Golf Team from 2008-2012. He also made President’s list his first year at Clemson and was named Academic All ACC three out of the four years. Brewer graduated from Clemson in 2012 with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and a minor in sociology. He now works for our family business, Thrift Brothers Inc., working property management, commercial development and grading. In January 2017, after one month of debilitating headaches, Brewer suffered a stroke due to a blood clot on the brain at just 27 years old. After 12 days in the neuro trauma ICU, we learned that he had a blood clotting disorder called Leiden Factor V. Through God’s grace and mercy, Brewer walked out of the hospital with little to no complications. We had the joy of watching him marry Cassidy, my daughter-in-love, September 30th, 2017. Cassidy has brought such joy to Brewer and to our family. She displayed her love and commitment to Brewer in sickness and in health way sooner than expected. If it weren’t for Cassidy, Brewer would not be with us. They now reside in Seneca, South Carolina, with their yellow Labrador, Sadie, and my first grandson, Charlie, who looks just like his daddy. 

Thomas, Jamie Keith & Brady

Thomas Samuel Bradshaw is one of the most disciplined people I’ve ever known. He’s also one of the most compassionate; in part because he’s learned firsthand that life isn’t fair. When Thomas was 5, he was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Despite the challenges this has created in his life, Thomas has allowed God to use it for good, to mature him and to give him a tender heart for others in need. I have never seen Thomas question God about why he was stricken with this disease. Instead, he has accepted it and has chosen to depend on God to sustain him as he strives for excellence in all that he does. This disease has given our entire family a sensitivity to people that I don’t think we would have otherwise. Thomas really enjoys reaching out to kids so he can encourage them. Without question, I am humbled and honored to be his mom and so thankful for what God is accomplishing in his life. Thomas graduated in 2014 from Clemson University where he also played on the Men’s Golf Team from 2010-2014 and earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Marketing with a minor in sociology. Thomas married the love of his life in April of 2018, Jamie-Keith. Most recently during this unusual world with the pandemic,  they welcomed their first child and my second grandchild, Brady. Thomas is currently working as a project manager with CopeGrand Custom Homes in Charleston, SC. They reside in John’s Island, SC. They also have a yellow/white Labrador named Woosie.

Collins, Michael & Shaw

Marcia Collins Bradshaw Cromie is named for my mother (Collins) and sister (Marcia) even though those who know her declare she’s a “Mini-Me”. She has a profound sense of humor like my sister and loves to laugh and enjoy life. She is also very much like my mom, the Rock, as she is affectionately known because Collins is strong and resolute. Collins graduated in 2015 from the University of Georgia with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies where she was also a member of the Women’s Golf Team from 2011-2013. Collins has endured her fair share of adversity when it comes to friends, coaches, and bosses. My hope is that one day she will write and speak based on her experiences so that she can encourage those who face fiery trials. Collins married her long-time boyfriend, Michael Cromie, on September 17, 2016, after dating him for seven years. Collins and Mike currently live in Athens, Georgia, where they own and operate a Pelican’s SnoBall located near campus in Athens. Collins also has a job where she works virtually for a long-time friend. Michael, 30, is currently pursuing his lifelong dream of being a professional golfer on the PGA Tour and caddies part time for former teammate and close friend, Chris Kirk.  Collins and Mike just added their first child, Shaw, as my 3rd grandchild to our family. They are over the moon with their new son. They also have a yellow lab, Belle. Watching their Christ-centered relationship blossom has been one of life’s greatest blessings. Although we long to live closer, Collins and I talk numerous times a day without fail. There is no doubt in my mind that Collins will make her mark in this world! With her powerful sense of self and close relationship with Christ, it will be an absolute joy to watch and see how God uses her.