Back 9’s Mission

Golf was not Sherry’s sport of choice growing up. In fact, she didn’t play sports. Sherry was a cheerleader, and her passion was cheering her team to victory! As a mom, Sherry has been the cheerleader in the lives of her children, encouraging them to pursue their passions with excellence. As they were growing up, Brewer, Thomas, and Collins fell in love with the game of golf. And because Sherry wanted to be their biggest cheerleader, she learned to love it, too.

Encouraging others to be all that God created them to be so they can lead lives of significance.

The Back Nine carries a special connotation for Sherry. For some golfers, it represents a second chance, another opportunity to improve a less than stellar score. For others, it is the home stretch following a great start. For this golfing Mom, it is her opportunity to share her successes, struggles, and failures, or as Sherry calls them, the birdies, pars, and bogies of her life. These experiences, filtered through the fingers of God, have given Sherry the ability to encourage, strengthen, and motivate others as they face trials in their own lives. God has a purpose for each and every person created in His image. She wants to help those within her sphere of influence to effectively navigate the fairways of life while also finding the significance that comes from a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.