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What Would Jesus Do?

Several years ago, maybe even ten, a popular bracelet came out that many Christians wore. Inscribed on the bracelet in various fonts or colors were the letters, “WWJD?,” which stood for “What would Jesus Do?” So, of course I got a bracelet and immediately started wearing it. The intent, I am sure, was to make […]

True Rock Stars!

I have this amazing young friend who is in her twenties! About a year ago she was texting me and at the end of the text she called me a “Rock Star!” LOL!! It was her way of paying me a compliment. It was such a fresh way of showing love and gratitude that I […]

No Excuses

As our children were growing up, there were very few times we wanted to hear their “excuses” for not following through on things we had asked them to do. We would always say, “People make time to do what’s important to them.” We felt that if we had asked them to do something, it should […]

Glam Ma

Monkey see. Monkey do…….I saw this principle lived out so many times when our children were growing up. Yes, kids are little sponges with eyes, ever watching, learning and mimicking. Now that our kids are grown, the one thing I would tell any young parent is that even when babies are on the floor just […]

Go Team!

I have laughed much over the years, but especially in the last several months, over the banter that exists between fans of the SEC and the ACC. Up until a few years ago I just didn’t pay much attention to the bantering. I have never listened to sports radio nor been an every day reader […]


I will never forget going to a friend, who I call an accountability friend, to share an area of weakness in my life, better stated an area of sin. I was sharing with her about my struggle and, you can guess if you know me at all, it was with my “tongue!” I for sure […]