Archive | September, 2014

Take A Card

“Take a card!” I love this phrase. It will be engrained in my memory forever. It was said by Jack Easterby, a former mentor to our kids who is now the team chaplain for the New England Patriots, among other things in ministry. His website is Our family, especially our kids, have been fortunate […]

All Done

Just the other day when one of our favorite little ones was over for a visit….I did what I love to do with IV. I asked him, “Do you want a nana?” As expected, he started running toward my kitchen counter with a squeal!! IV has started talking but right now only says things like […]

Sleepless and Breathless

I have had a hard time sleeping the last couple of days. Sleeping has never been a problem for me except when something really good has happened or something really bad has happened. Recently, praise God, it has been the “good”. No, that is not the word…it has been the “GREAT” that has had me […]

Class and Elegance

Being 52 and female, having a sister, a mother, a daughter, 4 nieces, friends who are women, and now mentoring many young women, I have found at least one common trait among women. I certainly cannot speak for all females, but it has been my experience that most women desire to look pretty. They care […]