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God…our Go To Guy

“Do you really think your friend is the best one to advise you on what to do here?” A question I often asked our kids growing up. I tried my best to help them see that their friends really didn’t know much more than they did about life….simply because they had not lived any longer […]

Time and Money

More people filed for bankruptcy last year than graduated from college. In America last year there was 772 billion dollars in credit card debt and 65% of Americans lived paycheck to paycheck. Which translates to, if there is a sudden need that is unplanned for, there is no money to pay for the unplanned expense–sickness, […]


I have baby-i-tus! It is awful and can only be satisfied when I hold and squeeze a baby! I am not sure when this “disease” took hold, but it has. I see babies that I don’t even know and I just want to walk up and touch them, hold them and squee-e-e-e-e-e-ze them! Recently, I […]

The Aroma of Prayer

Lighting a candle…can change the whole environment of a home, or at least it does ours. It wasn’t until we added a yellow lab to our family that I needed to address the changing odor inside. LOL…. I wish I had the time to bathe Daisy everyday but I don’t. I do have the time […]

Is It Just Me?

“Is it just me? Or is anyone else having trouble breathing? My legs are shaking…my hands trembling…….” I looked to my left. The man beside me was sound asleep. I looked to my right to find a man reading contently. The woman to my far left was eating pretzels and drinking her Coke. Yep…..I was […]

Head In The Sand

He watched her labored breathing and decided to put his girlfriend out of her misery…so he hit her with one last blow to end her life! I was in disbelief as I watched Dateline Sunday night. A nice looking, young, successful hockey player had traveled to visit his girlfriend at college for the weekend….he ended […]

The Playbook

Being connected on social media continues to bring blessings. Recently, Thomas, our middle son, moved to Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, seeking warmer weather so that he would have more time to work on his golf game. He knew very few people there, especially those his own age. Because of the “connect” of social media we […]

Talking to Myself

Candy is my weakness. If you know me, you know I love sweets, especially candy. Before there were gas stations on every corner with candy aisles, there was this one store on the way to school that we called “Childer’s”. When I was growing up, my mother would occasionally stop on the way to school […]


“People don’t care about what you know until they know how much you care!” Care is my word for 2015. I have been thinking about my word, meaning a word that I want to focus on in 2015…a word that would encompass my vision, my spiritual gifts and grow me as a person. Funny, as […]

Best Driver

Regardless of the arguments that my kids and my husband put up…I have the best driving record in the family. I am not bragging…I am just saying……..stating a fact! LOL…..I don’t like the feeling I get when pulled over by a cop so I decided a long time ago that was something in my control! […]