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Gird Up!

How many times in life do we get angry, frustrated, disappointed or disgusted with people? You cannot get on the internet, turn on the TV, or listen to the radio without hearing the anger people have with others. Just the other day I received a phone call from someone who was extremely angry with me. […]


Every decision we make has a price. Our decisions determine our destiny. Our choices define our character. What we are committed to, we become. Yes, our decisions, good and bad, end up being our life. We get to choose. Counting the cost, taking the time to make thought out decisions and not acting “rashly” is […]

Learn to Scribble

Recently I was in a conversation with someone just before our trip to Israel. When they asked me who I was going with, I was met with raised “eyebrows” and “criticism” and a look of “disapproval” when I told them the name of the group and the pastor that we were going with. This friend […]


There are always going to be “haters!” I would define a “hater” as someone who hates and finds fault when most of the time they don’t have all the facts. Shockingly sometimes they do, however, the facts are so against what a “hater” wants to believe that they hate anyway. LOL. Do you know people […]

Jesus Is The Storm Chaser

I have never been in a major storm. I have lived around the aftermath of a storm like Hurricane Hugo and, most recently, the flood in South Carolina. Overwhelming…sad…….devastating….”shell shock”…are great words to describe it…but somehow don’t do it justice when I really think about the “visual” of such devastating events. I just have no […]