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Fixing to…

In the Back 9 of life one thing has become very apparent to me–the “fixing to” rule. You are either fixing to come out of a storm or you are fixing to head into one. Having traveled all over with golf I realize I need to take a moment to define a very southern term, […]

American Idol

I love the show American Idol for many reasons but especially for exposing me to “Mandessa” and two of her songs, “Good Morning” and “Stronger”. They have become a part of my daily morning wake-up call! I love what God has done through her and her gift of music specifically for me. I also love […]

Pillow talk

“Pillow talk” is something I love to do with my kids! When they were young, it was telling them funny stories and tickling them. As they have grown older, it is more about listening to them while I scratch their backs. I am so very grateful for these times. I am convinced as I grow […]

The Gift of Laughter - The Gift of Laughter

Laughter is one of the greatest gifts God has given us. God knew the importance of laughter way before scientists discovered how valuable it is to our well-being. An important ingredient for our emotional health in dealing with the stresses life can bring. I can praise God in the same breath for laughter and for […]

Negative Voices - Negative Voices

Negative voices! Many times on Sundays, for whatever reason, it seems I hear negative voices whispering in my ear. I hear them at other times, but especially on Sunday. I am not sure if anyone can relate to this, but if one person can identify with this it will be worth writing about. Over time, […]

God is definitely at work! - God is Definitely at Work

I can’t write another post without writing this one today! God is definitely at work!! Please be encouraged by me personally to take steps of faith even when you do not feel adequate or equipped. Remember the saying, “God does not call the equipped, He equips the called!”? Well, I definitely fit into this category. […]

God Prompts - God Prompts

Thank God for cell phones. Most people probably will laugh when they read this because they know I use my cell phone a lot. Yes, I enjoy communication and keeping in touch with family, friends and my kids. Some have found it strange that everyday of my adult life I have talked to my mother. […]