God Has a Road Map for a Leader and for Success

Navy Seal Rorke Denver who wrote, Damn Few, gave such an impressive presentation at an event I attended this summer. I was very excited to hear from someone who had been directly involved in taking down one of America’s greatest all-time enemies. I had always heard about Navy Seals and had even seen the movie about them, but I never had the privilege of hearing one speak in person. To say the least, he was captivating. Collins, Caroline and I learned multiple things as we sat and listened to him. There were a few points that really “STOOD OUT TO ME.”

He talked first about “capturing your thinking”. It immediately reminded me of what the Bible says about “taking every thought captive.” He said that as a Navy Seal, and as a leader in his home, his training had taught him to “pay attention to what has your attention”. He continued to share how our thoughts and clearing our minds to what we were involved in at the present were extremely important to success. In essence he said, when you are involved in a task, whatever it was–as a Seal, in your job, at home with your spouse or kids–“BE ALL THERE!” He went on to say that the strict Seal training had disciplined him to think this way because his life and his team’s life depended on it. He so inspired me to further examine my inner thinking in all situations.

The second point he discussed was “ACTION STEPS”. Identify what is in your head. Meaning, look at what you want to accomplish and look at the end and ask yourself, “What does done look like?” I absolutely loved this idea and have applied it all summer. He encouraged everyone to make a “MAP”. Make a list of what needs to be done right now or today. Determine what needs to be done tomorrow or next week and then appropriately and actively engage. I love the word ENGAGE!!! I have always been a list maker but it renewed my sense of being more diligent and organized in my responsibilities.

The third insight was about being “FLEXIBLE.” He pointed out that in “Seal life”, and life in general, everything doesn’t always go as planned, no matter what effort we put forth; and learning to regroup as a leader was extremely important. He called it developing the ability to “shift up and down” and switch gears.

The fourth and final point he made was that being “LAZY” was unacceptable. Not only did it not exist in the life of a Seal but it “could not”. It should not shock anyone who reads the Bible that God addresses all of these things in His word. God has a road map for a leader and for success. Proverbs 10:4,”Lazy hands make a man poor but diligent hands bring wealth.” Proverbs 14:23, “All hard work brings a profit but mere talk leads only to poverty.” Proverbs 14: 15 “A simple man believes anything but a prudent man gives thought to his steps.”

This Navy Seal reminded me that you cannot win in many areas of your life unless you identify and win the private battles within yourself, “your thoughts”. All your thoughts, when examined and paid attention to, lead to decisions that lead your life.

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