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“In everything give thanks, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” 1 Thessalonians 5:8……. Over the last 11 days God has quietened my heart as I have sat by my mother’s bed, along with my dad and sister, our spouses and kids and watched her suffer and await her call to go […]

Praying Friends

What do you do when you need help? When you need to talk? Or is there a circumstance where you feel like you are “over the top” or your “head is just above water”?……of course the perfect response would be, I pray…I go straight to God! Yes…that is exactly what I would recommend…God for sure […]


Yellow is everywhere; it is that time of year…..Spring has Sprung. It looks like a “yellow baby powder bottle” exploded on our back porch. I am one of those people who sneezes a dozen times every day in the spring, especially when I step outside. I am also the one who cleans our back porch […]


I am so excited to write about a book I recently read. Perry Noble, pastor of New Springs Church, is a friend of mine. We grew up in the “same neck of the woods.” I have anticipated the release of his second book for almost a year and now I can say I have read […]

Mimic Me

I don’t know why I didn’t realize this when my children were little, maybe I did to a certain extent. But today, now that I am 51 and have an empty nest, I am blessed to interact with “adopted babies” as practice for my own grandchildren someday. I am amazed as I watch these “little […]

Be Still

I think smart phones are one of the greatest inventions of my lifetime. Obviously, God’s plans are not all about me, but when Thomas was diagnosed with diabetes and I was able to be reached on my cell phone at anytime when we were separated, it brought a truckload of peace to my heart. It […]


Turning 15 was a great day for me. I will never forget planning for that special birthday. I felt it was the day I could take some control of my life. The one thing I can say for sure is that I studied for my driving test. Funny, I bet there are not many 15 […]

Memories of Pain

Why would anyone intentionally burn themselves? I have had a minor burn and the pain is so harsh that I am more careful than ever around a stove or my flat iron or anything hot! Seriously. When I was young I burned my hand on our electric stove and to this day…I can almost feel […]