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What Are You Lacking?

When we fail….or when we take a hard look at our weaknesses… can be to our advantage…if we have the right perspective. John Maxwell calls it failing forward. I so believe our destiny can be found in our history and in our perceived disadvantages and weaknesses. I don’t have to look far for an example […]

Digging Deep

In my first book,”The Front 9, Making Your Shots in Life Count,” I spend time in the second chapter highlighting our individual DNA. Our DNA is just one example, and a great one at that, of God’s specific fingerprint an anointing on our life. When you look at scripture, you find so much evidence that […]

Fighting Giants

Masters Sunday has become a meaningful event at our house. This year especially….the winner is someone 2 of our 3 kids know. I wouldn’t call them best friends but Thomas was paired with Jordan several times over the years and Collins was at AJGA events where they socialized in the same circles. It was fun […]

Too Tired to Fish

Tired was not the word that accurately described how I felt just the other day. I was exhausted…physically and mentally…to the point of tears. I even walked to our garage so that no one would see my tears. Collins was home and being the other “female” in the house she sensed my emotions. <A girl […]

Fruit Picking

It was red…it was dangling right within my reach…so I picked it…my first apple. I grew up in apple country. Both of my parents grew up in farming families. One of my fondest memories as a young girl was getting in the car and simply riding with my parents to the apple orchard to pick […]

Faith in Action

As a little girl the one thing I never questioned nor wondered about was the fact that my parents would take care of me. My faith in them was strong. I never questioned that they would not take care of me. I realize today….what a blessing that gift has been in my life. I had […]

Fight to Win

The snap was crystal clear. I knew I had broken my “pinky toe”. Yes, I was trying to get back to bed in the middle of the night without waking Bill or Collins. We were in an unfamiliar hotel room in St. Louis while watching Thomas play in the US Junior and I had chosen […]

Self Talk

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson Self talk! What we say to ourselves is extremely important to the outcome of our lives. Whether positive or negative, our actions are inspired by our thoughts. Of course we can’t positive think our […]


If given a choice between being around a cheerful person and one whom is glum….I would 100% of the time chose the cheerful person:) People who smile and seem to enjoy their day. People who can enjoy the rain as well as the hot sun, and find the good in both. I can remember the […]


No one stands in line for average. It is true. I have lived for 5 decades now and I can honestly say…average doesn’t attract the masses. I have lived in Columbia, SC, for 30 years now, more than half my life so far, and it wasn’t until recently, very recently, that I have ever heard […]