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“Part of courage is simple consistency.”—Peggy Noonan I get so energized when I go to a conference and am motivated in sales or in leadership. I am reinvigorated when attending a Christian conference and God speaks to my heart, motivating me to make some changes and improvements. I can even read books that encourage me […]

No Doubt

Doubt is the opposite of faith. When you are standing on the Tee box, or in the fairway of the golf course, and you are getting ready to hit a shot, doubt can be a “death wish” for being able to hit a good shot! As a golfing mom (spectating and fan only), I have […]

Pay It Forward

We have all heard about someone being in the drive-thru at a fast food restaurant and having someone pay for the food of the one coming behind them. I love those stories especially because the one behind can’t even catch up to the person in front to thank them. The person paying for sure realizes […]

Reaching OUT

“Collins you are a female version of me!” That is what was said to Collins by a dear friend from Dallas who we reconnected with a week ago when we flew there for a friend’s wedding. At the time Collins didn’t realize what a compliment that was to her. :o) It was so good to […]

Hospitality is a Gift

“We are staying with Cricket!” is what I told our daughter as we prepared to go to Washington, D.C. …and we are still here as I write this blog. On the 6 plus hour trip Collins asked, “Who is Cricket, Mom? I have never heard you talk too much about her.” I reminded Collins that […]

Walk Free

Is it possible that we walk around but have placed ourselves in “self-imposed prisons?” For whatever reason we have allowed the criticism from others, the disapproval, lack of success or jealousy to stop us from accomplishing God’s plan for our lives. It is true. On the Back 9 I see many people who, for multiple […]

Special Treatment

I don’t think there is a person in the world who doesn’t like special treatment? I know I do! When I go shopping, I especially remember and enjoy the stores that offer me a bottle of water! Recently, I went to a party and met some people for the very first time. I was surprised […]

The Gift of Healing

Some of the most precious moments in the last months of my mother’s life were the “tenderheartedness” of her caregivers…the softness of their words, their smiles, their hands and love not just to her, but to all of us as we watched our beloved mother slip away. They truly mourned with us. This past Sunday […]