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See Through

Transparency is not a word I hear often but it is a word that describes some of my best friends. In fact, it is transparency in the lives of my friends that I credit for growing my faith the most in the last 5 to 10 years. The older I get …..the more I have […]


Have you ever been attacked by a wild animal? Thankfully I haven’t but I have been attacked by Satan, the evil one, which I think is much worse. Did you know that when you are precious to God, you become important to Satan? When we study the life of Jesus, we see Satan’s tempting/attacking of […]

Mistaken for a Friend

“Wounds from a friend can be trusted,” (see Proverbs 27:6). That is what scripture teaches….and it is true. A word fitly spoken are like apples of gold. Scripture also calls it “speaking the truth in love!” (see Proverbs 25:11 and Ephesians 4:15). The very best way I have ever received wounds from a friend…is from […]

Guilty Dog

I grand dog sit often. I cannot even imagine having grandchildren. I might lose my mind. :o) I so enjoy keeping Brewer’s dog Sadie. She is sweet, loving, compassionate, smart and, most of all, she loves me:) She follows me everywhere I go. She sits by the shower, sleeps in my closest and lays at […]

Press On

Sometimes it is just hard to keep going. For me…….it can be writing….walking on the treadmill…. helping my dad in his grief over the loss of my mom and aging….or encouraging one of our kids in the life that is ahead of them. Life can be hard. But in the race we call life, God […]

Uniquely Different

Recently, while walking through the Atlanta airport, I, along with the hundreds of other people walking down Concourse B, couldn’t help but notice the woman walking in high heels, wearing yoga pants and a neon bra. Yes, I was a “creeper,” as my kids would call me, but there were hundreds more who turned to […]

Deeper Quest

I have a great friend who recently challenged our daughter to seek out and add quality relationships to her inner circle. To stretch and grow with new relationships, teaching her that there is a world of people to know and much we can learn from others. This friend feels as I do–relationships are key in […]

Eyes on Me

When our kids were little and participated in Christmas programs or performances in dance, golf tournaments, etc., my eyes were all on them. While there were other kids performing and occasionally I would glance at them…my eyes…my attention…my focus was on our kids because they were mine…so I favored them. Our relationship with Christ is […]

One Thing

Recently, while sitting at home on the sofa, Thomas contemplated changing his mind on a decision he had made months ago. He had committed to be a small group leader in Knoxville,TN, for college golf fellowship with Korkie Kemp. They would be staying at the home of Scott Stallings, a PGA Tour player. Thomas, several […]