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Responsibility is a great principle. It encompasses all that you can become or NOT. I can honestly say that in our society it is a word we need to seriously look at and decide individually if we are “responsible.” This is a rich word and one that if just addressed personally…can affect every aspect of […]

Called to Speak

For the last month I have been spending the better part of each week studying, praying and preparing to travel and speak. Speaking is something that has been a call on my life since I was a young girl. God threw me a curve ball when He also told me to write two years ago. […]


“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.”~ Mark Twain Being kind is such a testimony to me!!! When I experience the kindness of others, it “nourishes” every part of my being. Sometimes my day starts out so wonderfully when I just sit and reflect on the kindness I […]

Let’s Get Busy!

I love makeup! As a little girl I loved putting on makeup. I don’t remember playing dress-up a whole lot, but I remember taking my mom’s lipstick and eye shadow, sitting in front of the mirror for hours and “making up” my face. Some things never change….this past weekend instead of “football,” Collins and I […]

Seek Reconciliation

Just days ago I was able to spend several hours with someone who, on the front 9 of life, was very much like God’s personal angel sent to me. As Bill and I were having our children….and among many of the things that were going on at that time in our lives…I was suffering from […]


If I were asked to describe in one word what it means to be a Christian…..that word would be “surrender!” That is what I think being a Christian is all about…surrendering my will, agenda and plans…to God’s perfect will, His plans and His agenda. It is a choice…to surrender….He doesn’t force Himself on us. He […]

Forget Your Troubles

I could camp out in the book of Genesis…if trying to read through the Bible in a year…I could spend a year just in the book of Genesis! There are two powerful scriptures that have meant so much…to me….they scream of God’s power and His heart. In Genesis 41:51-52 we find out the names of […]

What Is Your Standard?

Several nights ago I was visiting with one of “my girls.” This girl is a Christ follower and one whom I admire for her faith and her athletic ability among many other things. We were playing catch up and our time is usually spent “talking out” frustrations, praying and seeking God for all of life’s […]