Since Brewer’s stroke in early January, being able to write has been difficult…mostly because there was so much to do to help to get him back to a normal lifestyle. When the very unexpected “hurricane category 5” storm blows in and knocks you off your feet, it takes a while to “find” normal again. And I do believe it is a “new normal” for our entire family.

Without getting too wordy today…I want to express how sickened I continue to be over the “hate” and “rage” I see in people…not just a “racial” hate, which I despise, but political hate and other such things that make the headlines these days.

I don’t think many realize that hate destroys the hater. At times I feel overwhelmed with what difference I can make, if any. I have long been encouraged by a very wise person to “drop my hands” and do more praying than anything else. That has been FABULOUS ADVICE which has brought about blessing after blessing in my life.

But today, as I was checking out of a hotel, after briefly watching the news, I was absolutely sickened over the recent events in Virginia 🙁 I just stopped and asked God out loud, “What can I physically do today to make a difference? I will pray, God, but what else can I do?”

He specifically impressed upon me to “speak” love to people not like me. So to the hotel valet, to the Bojangles drive-thru lady, to the lady in the restroom, to the drive-thru man at McDonalds, all of whom were NOT LIKE me (our skin colors vary) I said, “I want you to know I love you and I love African Americans. I am sorry that some people who look like me don’t!”

That was it.

The response from every single one of the people I spoke with, all of whom were strangers, was shock but they were appreciative and sweet. Tears were shed on both of our parts………..

Point of this post:  First, God is blessing and helping me find my way back to writing and filling me with His words but second, and the greater point is this:  if you are disgusted by all that is going on in our world,


Please pray.

But also ask God what kind of feet might He want you to put on your prayers. The feet He showed me to put on my prayers today energized me to know that I can make a difference when Satan often whispers that “I can’t!” Don’t buy that lie…learn from me! :))) WE all can make a difference!

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