Hen Party

Girls love to gather. A “Hen Party” is what you call it at 51. Men would call it too much estrogen! Recently, Collins called to tell me about the small group she joined at Athens Church. A “small group” is a group of girls around the same age who meet weekly with a leader in someone’s home. They share, study God’s word together and fellowship. I grew up calling it Sunday School, and so did my mother, but nonetheless I am so glad and thrilled for her.

For the first two years of college it was virtually impossible to be playing a sport and meet with a “church” designated small group on a consistent basis. God is so faithful, when you turn to Him and open your hand to His will, to bring about great things! This small group is providing close friendships, love, support, accountability and loyalty in a way she has never experienced. In the same week Collins also called to tell me about some of her new friends and the cake her leader had made for them (The cake was a replica of the UGA football stadium and had LSU as the opposing team). The most unreal cake I have ever seen. Collins is a huge fan of the program, “Cake Boss,” so she was quite impressed.

Funny how the same day Collins called to share the love she had for her small group, I was at my mom’s house. Working with my sister to prepare for my mom’s Sunday school class to come for a visit and have coffee and cake. It was so special to visit with my mom’s life-long friends who came to our house and spent over an hour sharing, laughing and loving on my mom. The bonds of friendship, love, loyalty, care and concern for her left my sister and me very emotional. You see, these women have been faithful for years to gather together once a week and study God’s word, share, pray and support one another. There were new faces who had recently joined the group but were made to feel they had been a part of the group for years. That is just what you are going to find, in my opinion, when you join a group that is faithful to put God as the focus!! A common bond!!!

In Matthew 18:20, “For where two or three gather in my name, there I am with them.” I think about the years my mom has been in this small group gathering together, reading God’s word and praying. It is no secret to me where all the loyalty, love and concern comes from. It is from the hearts of these women that have been shaped by God. This journal post is meant to encourage everyone to join a small group. Most churches provide them. I have been a part of one for years. I can personally say, “You get back way more than you put in!”

God, not only desires fellowship with us, He desires we fellowship together, learn about Him collectively, and pray together. You have heard the phrase, “I’ve got your back!” Well, there is nothing like years spent in a small group to find the kind of genuine friends who will ALWAYS HAVE YOUR BACK!

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