Men and Women

I hope you will look forward with anticipation to the series I am beginning. The upcoming entries are going explore what God is teaching me through a study of the differences between men and women.

On the Back 9, having been married for 27 years and having raised children of both genders, I have witnessed, and experienced first-hand many differences. As our children have started dating over the past 6 to 7 years, I have been intrigued by the differences between the sexes. My purpose is to help our kids understand the differences and why God “wonderfully made” us this way. It has been exciting and affirming to be able to teach what I have gained from experience, but to also share what professionals say on the subject(The kids think I have a special gift at understanding relationships). The reality is, the information and science are out there. Someone has done all the research to inform us, we just have to read it and apply it. With that being said, I love having the opportunity to share with you what I have learned.

Here is a classic story…………

Bill, “Honey, where is my blue and white shirt with the pin stripes?”

My answer, “It is in your closet hanging with your dress shirts. I put it in there yesterday!”

Bill, “No, it isn’t. I have looked. It is not in there!”

I walk to the closet and pull out the blue and white shirt and say, “Is this the shirt you are talking about?”

Bill says, “Yes! where was it?”

Me, “It was right where I told you it was, hanging with your dress shirts!”

Bill, “Oh.”

Has this ever happened in your home??? If you are not married yet, well, guess what? It will happen when you do get married! The good news is that there is a scientific explanation for this!!

I am not a neuroscientist but I am a “life-long learner.” This is what I have learned in simple, very simple terms………….

The brain is not UNISEX. The male brain and the female brain are very different. When looking at the brain with the naked eye, both look the same, but they are not!! Please allow me to just summarize the scientific difference. You can google or find books on the subject, if you are curious about all the details, but for the sake of time [otherwise this post would be very long], I’ll be brief. The way men and women physically see is very different. Seeing involves sensors that are sent to the brain–males have fewer, creating more of a “tunnel vision,” and females have a great deal more, allowing more “peripheral vision.” In simple terms, this allows the female to quite literally see a bigger picture. The male brain takes in less sensory details than the female’s. With better peripheral and color vision, a woman can see the entire contents of her refrigerator without moving her head. Studies have demonstrated a man has to move his head up and down and back and forth to see the contents of a refrigerator. This may very well explain why men are caught “eyeing pretty women” because they have to turn their head. Women can do the same thing without moving their heads!! LOL!!! I think this is soooooo funny!!

More to come tomorrow. My purpose in sharing is to help others build stronger relationships by understanding that God created differences in males and females for a reason. So women, use your God-given strength and help those men find things that seem to disappear into “thin air”!

1 Thessalonians 5:1, “Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.”

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