Note to Faithful Readers

My heart is so heavy for the evil that exists not just in the USA but all over our world! I continue to be in a state of constant prayer for all the families and victims in Orlando….we can all do something about this evil…we can live Romans 12:21, “Do not be overcome by evil but overcome evil with good!” The enemy of our souls would love for us to stay still……to be overcome but I encourage you today…Do good…move…..reach out and be active in loving others and DO GOOD in the face of evil.

Side note…to my faithful Back 9 readers, encouragers and followers…life has been a little hectic with the approaching wedding of our one and only daughter…since this is my first time at this…there is NO history of what’s next…I am learning as I go…hang with me, I hope to be more consistent in writing in the future. I will say, God is giving me more experiences lately to write about because He truly has me in a place of growth and being comfortable being uncomfortable. That is the only way we grow. Stay tuned and prayerful. Love you all!

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  • Sherry Bradshaw, your experiences enrich and entertain me always. Thank you for writing whenever you can because it means so much to me and so many people.
    Thank you for being gracious with your time, especially when you have so little of it right now. I know Collins will be the most lovely bride ever, and I know that she will enjoy her day, with God beside her and you and her new husband next to her.
    Kim Fengler

  • You know you can count on your loyal readers if you need any help during this special time in Collins life!