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I rely on my kids to be my TV filter. They know I am not a huge fan of television and, unlike me, all three of them love TV. They absolutely know the things I like and the things I detest….so they are very faithful in making sure I do not miss the great stuff on TV, especially human interest stories!!

As usual, only hours after Collins arrived home from UGA, she grabbed the remote and insisted I watch a speech given by the NBA’s MVP this year, Kevin Durant. Fifteen years ago, I was able to go to an NBA all-star event and was completely turned off by what I witnessed and haven’t been a huge NBA fan ever since. Both of our boys love basketball, especially our oldest, Brewer. So I pay attention a little more in the Back 9 than I did in the Front 9. But to be honest, when I heard the name Kevin Durant… wasn’t familiar at all. In fact, if I saw him on the street, I wouldn’t have any clue who he was except from his height I would conclude he may play basketball somewhere!

I now know Kevin Durant. I am now one of the biggest fans of Kevin Durant….for the rest of my life I will pull hard for Kevin Durant. I would even say that I would wait in line for at least two hours to meet him in person, get an autograph and tell him how much his acceptance speech for MVP meant to me! I have to recount a few things he said because it is worth repeating. My hope is that you will find it on YouTube or Apple TV, watch the whole thing and share it with others.

The very first words out of Kevin Durant’s mouth were about Jesus. The very last words he spoke were about Jesus. At the end of his speech he alluded to why he talked about Jesus at the beginning and at the end. He noted Jesus is the Alpha and Omega! Revelation 1:8, “‘I am the Alpha and Omega!’ says the Lord God.” In the middle of his speech, which was at least 30 minutes long, he took the time TO NOT talk about HIMSELF at all but to paint a picture of all the people who had influenced and helped him become MVP–his mother, his siblings, each teammate, coaches and team staff. He named them individually and pointed out specific things that were unique to each of his relationships.

He said that to him basketball was ONLY a PLATFORM to use to share his faith. He talked about people who had texted him scripture and believed in him. When the odds were stacked against him, he talked about the dream he had of being a “Rec Coach” so that he could give back to kids who the odds were stacked against! I just hung on every word he said. I loved that the odds were stacked against him. HE is living proof that with God all things are possible. Matthew 19:26, “And Jesus said, ‘With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.'”

Kevin Durant knows Jesus…it was evident in every word that he spoke….God has known his heart for a very long time. It is no surprise to me that God would entrust HIM with Great things…and a big stage……because God found him faithful in the small things……Luke 16:10, “Whoever can be trusted with a little, can be trusted with much!”

This is the kind of 30 minute segment we should show to all people, especially to our youth. In this culture that we live in, with all the importance we place on sports…..Kevin Durant……..has his priorities….correct….HE knows the God who knows the numbers of hairs on our head. He understands that life has tremendous storms and challenges….it doesn’t matter what your checking account balance is, or who your daddy is, or if you even have an earthly dad…or know who he is…the only thing that really matters is that you KNOW your HEAVENLY FATHER… AND KNOW HIM INTIMATELY…WATCH THE SPEECH. YOUR LIFE WILL BE BLESSED!!!

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