The Nudge

God’s nudges are HIS plans and His directives….when we ignore them we miss His BEST for our lives.

In Luke 9:59 Jesus said to another man, “Follow me.” But he replied, “Lord, first let me go bury my father.” This sounds like the right response, as I have studied scripture we learn that at the time this took place, the father was not dead, the son wanted to wait to serve God until his father was dead, back then you had to bury immediately. So he wanted to wait around until his father died so he could perform his cultural duty.

The point Jesus was making, is when I call you, “nudge you,” it will never seemingly be the right time in your mind/life but it is all about MY TIME, MY PERFECT PLAN. If you continue to read in scripture we don’t know the man’s name…Why? Well he missed the nudge! How do we know the names of people like Noah, Esther, Paul, Nehemiah, Matthew, Abraham, Joshua and Caleb…they responded to the nudge!

Peter was in the middle of his job when he got the “nudge!” Moses was in the desert for 40 years and got the “nudge!” Sarah was old, very old when she got the, “nudge!” David was young when he got his “nudge!” Paul was on a murder mission when he got the “nudge!”

Age nor knowledge, nor your past has anything to do with responding to God’s nudge, it is more to do with faith and living what you say you believe…Be assured God doesn’t call the qualified, HE does the equipping ..age, nor wealth, nor education matters when God nudges and anoints…it is about being obedient and stepping in faith to go in over your head when you don’t see the bottom/outcome, that is what it is called to go DEEP WITH GOD! Don’t expect God’s ways to be linear nor logical, we cannot begin to understand His ways, that is why we are referred to as sheep and He as the shepherd.

Don’t miss HIS NUDGE…most of the time it makes great God’s sense but very little human sense, “lean not to your own understanding!” Respond to HIS NUDGE!

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