Willingness. Just think about this word……it has such a positive connotation to me. Just stop and think about how you feel when someone is willing to help you. Someone who will stop what they are doing to make time to give directions, advice or just a listening ear.

I don’t think it is any secret that I love young people. I especially appreciate the young people who have become my friends through the avenue of our children. My parents were great examples to me of embracing my friends so it has been very easy, and a desire I have had, to do the same. Their youth and their enthusiasm fuel me and my passion in the Back 9 of life.

I so want to be willing and available to offer help, encouragement and limited advice when warranted. I pray for opportunities all the time to be available and, most importantly, to have God speak through me to give them words that would help. I would love for them to learn from my mistakes and my wins in life. I absolutely love spending time with them. My desire is to give but oh how the Lord has blessed me tenfold and given me back way more than I give. Funny…..how the Lord does that……God is an ABUNDANT GIVER….and most of the time, His gifts are treasures we cannot predict…..BOOM, they just show up!!!

Two weeks ago, I texted an “adopted” fellow, Jackson, who happens to live two houses from me. Right away he and his visiting buddy ran over to help me load my car. I was headed out of town for my first book signing and my whole family was gone. I was so thankful for the willingness and happy heart of Jackson to just drop what he was doing on a Saturday to help me! He even gave me a big hug and well wishes!:)))))

Last week I got a text from one of my many “adopted” kids, Janie, who was moving to Nashville to chase her dreams. We had met the week before just to brainstorm and make a plan. It was exhilarating to read her text as she was activating the plan and taking those bold steps of faith.

Just this week, I got a text from one of my “adopted” kids, Katlyn, who had a friend die suddenly. In fact, just the night before she had gotten a snap chat from him. Devastated, and in shock, are where I found this dear, sweet girl. At 19 you don’t expect your friends to die. I just thank God that He provided the relationship, time and opportunity for me to love on this very sad girl……….and hopefully give encouragement that could ease the pain……..

The next day, I so benefited from the help of another young adult “adopted” kid, Sarah Parker. She has been one of the long-running adoptees for almost 16 years. She guided me through unknown territory at the State House, where she now works, as I sought to help my sister. It just took one simple text to her to get the ball rolling on her “willingness” to quickly run to my aid! She went over and above! This particular “adoptee” inspired me so just the other week when she had invited 20 people to church on Sunday. These were people she works with and they were all in attendance…..she is doing so well at blooming where she is planted….that testimony fueled me as if I had been “shot out of a cannon!”

When you are WILLING TO GIVE, YOU can LIVE and EXPERIENCE Luke 6:38, “Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”

This journal is meant to encourage you to have “Willingness” in your heart. Taking the time to invest in the lives of others. WE all have something to give, and one of the most important things we can give is TIME. It doesn’t have to be material. In fact, learning to get off “the spinning wheel” that I can run on with top speed and give MY TIME to others is truly where God has POURED, NO DUMPED, THE BLESSINGS IN MY LIFE! JUST SAYING…………..

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