I accepted Jesus into my heart as a young child. You could literally call it child-like faith. I had an overwhelming sense of a need for forgiveness of sin and a need for Jesus in my heart. 

I was raised by Christian parents and from a young age I watched them live out what they believed. The example of their lives and their taking me to church, which added layers to their example, led me to my decision to follow Jesus. At church I saw God’s Word being preached and saw a community of people who worshiped Christ just as my parents did. So at a very young age I had the Holy Spirit inside of me prompting me as best as I could understand for my age. 

At that time I didn’t need proof of the validity of Scripture. I just trusted what was going on in my heart and mind. Today, having been a Christian for 47 years, I can honestly say my faith walk from childhood has been the overriding factor in my devotion to Jesus. My hunger and thirst to know the Scripture increases weekly. 

Because of my young profession of faith, it is hard for me, at times, to identify with people who need proof. I can look back and see God’s direction in my life. I can see times when I wandered away and how the Holy Spirit convicted me to draw me back. I see God’s hand of protection and provision. I have much history with Jesus in my life because of my childhood conversion. 

Many people want to make sure of all the facts and know that things line up to their satisfaction so that they can believe. I am grateful that I have experienced Jesus without the need of proof, but I know proof exists for those who need it.

As I write this year, I have an overwhelming desire for those who don’t know Jesus to know Him and for those who know Him, but have not surrendered their will to His to do so. With my heart’s desire to be transparent to all as I write and publish, I want to introduce you to someone who I don’t know personally but I do admire. He just might affirm the proof you are looking for in order to be willing to accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior, especially if child-like faith is hard for you.

Meet Lee Patrick Strobel, a 67 year-old former atheist with a Yale Law Degree. He was an investigative journalist for the Chicago Tribune and other newspapers for 14 years. He set out to investigate the Biblical claims about Christ after his wife’s conversion (meaning she became a Christian). 

Just a side note from reading Lee’s books and watching him share his story online: I love that his wife came to know Christ through a neighbor inviting her to church. The power of an invitation!! Look where that one invitation took a whole family….and what it has produced. Through an invitation by a neighbor, who I can’t even name, an entire family changed. The mother accepted Jesus, then her atheist husband, then their children, who all now serve the Lord. Lee has written some of the most incredible literature to strengthen anyone’s faith in Christ, books like The Case for Christ and The Case for Faith.

Here is a summary of his work that I found:

He has written several books, including four which received ECPA Christian Book Awards (1994, 1999, 2001, 2005) and a series which addresses challenges to a Biblically inerrant view of Christianity. He also hosted a television program called Faith Under Fire on PAX TV and runs a video apologetics website. Strobel has been interviewed on numerous national television programs, including ABC’s 20/20Fox News, and CNN. He was awarded an honorary doctoral degree by Southern Evangelical Seminary in recognition of his contributions to Christian apologetics. He also writes and produces a TV show, Faith Under Fire. Strobel and his wife Leslie have two children and several grandchildren. His daughter Alison is a novelist, and his son Kyle is an Assistant Professor of Spiritual Theology and Formation at the Talbot School of Theology.

I introduce you to Lee for a reason. I’m not a scholar nor did I go to Yale Law School. I can testify and give countless examples of Jesus in my life from the beginning until now but for some of you reading this post that won’t cut it. For those who have inquiring minds, like Lee, I invite you to read his material. If you truly are looking for answers about the validity of Jesus and the accuracy of Scripture I invite you to read his book, The Case for Christ. I have lived long enough now to realize I don’t have to reinvent the wheel. I just need to use it and pass it along. 

Watch here:

If you are a skeptic, order the book. Google Lee Strobel for yourself. His story is fascinating and amazing, showing what God will do with an inquiring mind that really wants to know. 

As I keep writing, I will continue to remind you of this…in God’s Word Jeremiah writes, “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” (Jeremiah 29:13).

Don’t wait any longer. Seek Him today. You won’t regret it!

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