Mirror Mirror

I have now accepted and proudly donned my “readers” on the Back 9. Of course my children made me get rid of the “thingy” that hangs around your neck so that the readers can lay on your chest while not in use. All three of them balked at the idea of glasses as a necklace almost immediately. So now when they are around, they constantly are having to help me find my readers. They don’t seem to mind. I smile to myself at times because they do care how I look and present myself. LOL!!!

I also love my new “make-up” mirror. I’m not sure what magnification it is, but I can tell you it is much easier to pluck my eyebrows and see things I so need to see and fix before I walk out of the house everyday. Have you ever walked out of the house with sleep still in the corners of your eyes? You know what I’m talking about. We call them boogers. Vain….., yes, I am vain. I don’t mind admitting it……I do care about how I look and I credit my mother with teaching me that I should care and always do my best to put my “best self” forward. I pray God would not allow vanity to take over my life!

With that being said…..as I have looked into that big, new magnifying mirror and seen things I didn’t realize were there, I have thought about and looked at the scripture found in Luke 6:41, “Why do you look at the speck of saw dust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?” Well, after the purchase of the new make-up mirror….I think how that scripture might read in 2014. I think it might read something like this, “Why do you look at the eye booger in your sister’s eye and pay no attention to the booger in your own eye?” or “Don’t balk at the sight of nose hair in your brother’s nose when you have unsightly nose hair as well.” LOL… that is sometimes how I take scripture and make it relevant to me!!!

Yes, I am guilty….it is in fact stamped across my forehead. Plain and simple….I need to keep spending a “whole lot of time” looking into the mirror of my own life….concerning myself with allowing God to show me my personal “eye boogers!” a.k.a…..sins…..that I have been blind to!! Realizing that scripture applies to everyone….ME for sure. I need to realize I am responsible for myself, actions, thoughts, attitudes, etc…….and, if I would spend my time in the magnifying mirror of my own life….there would be no time….to worry about anyone else but me!

Are you feeling me? Are you at all getting the picture? If not, just come over and look in my new make-up mirror and I promise you are gonna see things other people see that you have not seen!! Embarrassing……… seriously…..it has been a mixed blessing for me. I have to spend a little extra time now in the morning, especially getting ready….and extra quiet time in the morning with the “make-up mirror” of my thoughts, words, actions, attitudes….etc. Thus…..getting up earlier!

I should have realized or gotten a clue this past summer when I was with Collins and she would say something about my make-up or hair that I had missed! But what about that stuff called my “actions, words, and thoughts?” Yep…… magnification is a good thing in the end…..not at first…if you are like me…there will be a shock wave…..when you first look….. there are many people who say they don’t use magnification because they don’t like what they see. Exactly!! Do like I have had to do–GET OVER MYSELF………….the end result is others won’t have to endure….”YOUR EYE BOOGERS!”

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