A Woman’s Intuition

Just recently Collins and I were driving home in the car with Bill on Thanksgiving. We were enjoying telling him of our “agreed insight” on a few relationships that we had both witnessed. Bill’s response was, “I just don’t see that!” The following information is going to explain why we could “see” things in relationships that he could not! He wasn’t wired to see what we see! I am so glad God gave us a daughter to further validate the “sight” I sometimes have that Bill does not! LOL!!!!

We have all heard of “a woman’s intuition”. Is it a reality or a myth? It is a reality! Intuition is defined as a direct perception of truth, fact; a keen or quick insight independent of an analysis reasoning process.

Vast research on nonverbal communication skills has clearly shown that women are far better at reading facial expressions and emotions and decoding nonverbal communication than men. One simple test done with boys and girls involved viewing an equal number of people and objects. Girls overwhelmingly remembered seeing more people than objects and the boys remembered seeing more objects. (There have been hundreds of different studies done on this topic. I’ve only mentioned one.) Most women can walk into a room and read people pretty quickly. They can tell who is happy, sad, frustrated, etc., while men take little or no notice at all. The differences are scientific and are based on the way our brains are wired!!!

Many times when females have a “read” on a person or situation, men will ask for a logical explanation for what they perceive. Men, please understand women can’t always give one. You may have heard a woman say, “I don’t know why, but I just feel this way or have a hunch.” Or she may say, “I just have a feeling or a suspicion.” Women are so often much more in tune emotionally than men. Men just don’t pick up on the same signs that a female’s brain is constantly reading. Louann Brizendine, MD. observes, “Being a woman is like having a giant, invisible antennae that reaches out into the world, constantly aware of the emotions and needs of those around you.”

A woman’s larger corpus callosum and increased volume of white matter combine to give her vast complex conscious and unconscious connections between her right brain and left brain. This amazing design gives her insight into a man’s world that men simply aren’t wired to see. Males, learn to trust and value a female’s God-given insight to the world and those around you. Women aren’t right 100 percent of the time but it is clear that a woman’s intuition is truly a reality. Genesis 2:18, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.” The differences God created in men and women should allow us to complement each other…to help each other. Men, I encourage you to accept the help women were designed to give you…especially when it comes to “reading” a person or situation.

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