Get Wisdom, Get Insight…

Proverbs 4:5 states, “Get wisdom, get insight……….” The Bible is full of wisdom and insight. God created male and female and I am so thankful for people, especially Christians, who have dedicated their lives and their talents to studying and writing about the God-designed differences between males and females. People whose hearts are dedicated to improving relationships by gaining understanding and respecting the designed differences!

Females and males are vastly different when it comes to conversation. Conversation for a female is life blood to her emotional health, whereas for a male, his brain is wired to see conversation as a means to an end. Understanding the differences in the need for conversation can be profound. If you have never taken the time to understand the God-created differences, trust me, being aware of the peculiarities can help in multiple relationships—husband/wife, father/daughter, mother/son, boyfriend/girlfriend, coach/athlete, brother/sister, etc.

For starters, did you know it is perfectly normal for a woman to want to talk about her feelings and emotions with the man in her life? It is also perfectly natural for this man to avoid extended conversation as much as possible–particularly if it is emotionally focused. The science on the vast difference in male/female communication is there to validate this very simple but powerful knowledge. The brains may look the same but they are NOT!!! Just read below the staggering statistics on the problematic gap:

–98% of women want their man to talk to them more about their own personal thoughts, feelings, plans, emotions, and questions.

–74% of working women say their biggest disappointment with their husbands is their “reluctance to talk, particularly at the end of the day.”

–81% of women said they have to initiate most of their conversation and they have a very hard time getting men to express their innermost thoughts.”

When women are stressed, they have a real need to talk. When men are stressed, they usually have a real need to be alone. Females and Males take note!!!! Wow…………what a difference!!!!

All females need to realize it makes no sense to assume or expect men to communicate in the same way they do. (more to come in the next journal on this!) Males need to realize that in order to have healthy relationships with females there is a need to listen more than men are naturally wired to do. Men should not view listening to females as an official waste of their time.

All females need to also realize when it is necessary to rely on their strong, trusted female friends for the “extra talk/listen time!” And, when talking to the men in their life, “package your story”. In other words, be sensitive to how long you talk!

1 Peter 5:5 states, “…clothe yourselves, all toward one another, with humility toward one another, for ‘God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.'” The desire to learn, change and grow is an act of “humility!”

There is so much to unpack in learning about and seeking to better communicate with the opposite sex; so…….with respect to the male brain (only wanting to take in a lesser amount than a female at one time), and the fact that I am a female trying to learn here too, I will take an action step and stop here until tomorrow’s journal. Take time to reread this journal. Reflect, not only on the created differences, but on how you can make changes and enhance your communication skills with the relationships in your life.

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